Facebook Has More Than 83 Million Fake Users

Rakesh Kumar
Aug 02, 2012 17:36 IST
Facebook Has More Than 83 Million Fake Users

The very fact that Facebook has lots of fake users is known to all, not many know how many of the total 955 million users are fake.

But earlier this week in its company filings, Facebook revealed that it has a whopping 83.09 million fake users who form 8.7% of its present userbase.

Facebook has divided these fake users into 3 groups:

  1. Duplicates: These form the biggest chunk of the fake accounts, 4.8% of the total users. These are the accounts a user has created in addition to his/her principal account.
  2. User-misclassified: Forming 2.5% of the total userbase, these are personal profiles that people have created for a business, organization or a pet.
  3. Undesirable: The bane of Facebook, undesirables are the profiles that are fake and send out spam messages and they might also be the ones who are clicking on your ads.

With it's share prices plummeting post IPO and the recent reports of fake users clicking on Facebook Ads, it remains to be seen how this piece of news affects its stock prices.

Image source: Fuyoh!


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