Facebook introduces Mobile ads for apps and app developers

Umang Detroja
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Facebook introduces Mobile ads for apps and app developers

With the news which can cheer a lot of app developers, Facebook will allow app makers to pay & promote their apps in the news feed. Facebook announced on Tuesday that the developers will be able to target a specific audience and set a budget for their ads, which will appear as sponsored apps in a “Try These Apps” unit in the mobile news feed. This is like simple sponsored stories but the link would be to the App store. If a user who doesn’t already have the app clicks on the ad, they will get taken to the Apple App Store or Google Play store.


How it works?

Designing, launching and monitoring your mobile app ad campaign takes place within the App Dashboard with a simple flow. Within the App Dashboard, choose your app and audience:


Next, set your budget:


Choose your payment method and start your ad campaign. You can monitor your ad's performance:


This is noteworthy because it opens up the news feed as an advertising space that any developer can target, whether or not they have a relationship with a user or not. It can be an ideal platform for small apps developers who wish to advertise on this platform. It is good news for investors who have been worried about Facebook’s revenue plans, especially as more traffic moves to mobile where ad space is limited. And it will likely cheer the developers, who continue to look for ways to distribute and market their apps.

According to Facebook, in the past 30 days, they have sent people to the Apple App Store and Google Play 146 million times, via clicks from channels such as news feed, timeline, bookmarks and App Center.

But, it also raises the question of how much advertising users will accept. Now, Facebook has a better shot at improving its revenue picture but the challenge will be to ensure that it can generate more money without turning off its millions of mobile users.

Let us know what do you think about this?

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