Facebook Rolls Out Sponsored Results Search Ads

Giving businesses another shot at promoting themselves, Facebook has announced the launch of Sponsored Results in Search Ads.

These are the ads that will be shown to you in the dropdown suggestion box when you are searching for something on Facebook. If one is searching for an app or a page in your niche, Facebook allows you to target those searches and display your app/page. These ads will be marked clearly as ‘Sponsored’ and in some cases, you can even get the top spot in the dropdown. Thus, increasing your chances of getting discovered.

At present, the ads don’t allow the businesses to take the user away from Facebook. So the destination for these ads can only be within Facebook such as a page, a custom tab or an app. And these are ads have only been rolled out to desktops now, you can’t target mobile users at present. As for payment, you will be billed either on a CPC basis or an absolute version of Optimized CPM.

Sponsored Results will also available with Facebook’s ad management tool, Power Editor.

It is pretty much similar to Google Adwords except that ads on Google are much better targeted because they are based more on needs. A person searching on Facebook is looking for a specific page, app or place and is hence, is less likely to become your customer. You can’t expect a Facebook user to search for ‘Best Android phone with dual-core processor’, can you?

But Facebook is betting high on it and is gung-ho about how it can help businesses get found. All we can do is wait and watch till it gets launched in India.

Featured Image: Sean MacEntee