Featuring a Social Media Agency: OmLogic Consulting

Who are we?

OMLogic Consulting is a strategic and comprehensive online marketing service company founded by in 2007 on a shoe-string budget. Since then, we have come a long way, helping business houses harness the power and magic of the web, to expand their reach and take on bigger players in the game.

As a hard-core online marketing specialist, OMLogic has profound business domain expertise, along with high technology competence. We have slowly but surely become one of the best social media agencies in India. We deliver comprehensive social media campaigns, including providing creative capability, the gamut of technology manifestations and community management, which sets us apart from other competitors.

Management Team

Kapil Gupta is Founder & CEO of OMLogic Consulting, one of India’s leading online & social media agency. He is known for his analytical and strategic thinking, relishes thinking out-of-the-box. Kapil has been responsible for making OMLogic one of the top social media agencies in India.

Kapil is very passionate about Online Marketing and brings with him in-depth expertise. At OMLogic, he heads online strategy & implementations for various multinational customers across verticals such as Entertainment, Education, IT Services, Real Estate and Event Promotion. Kapil is a thought- leader in the area of Social Media Marketing. Kapil is an avid speaker on Online Marketing & Entrepreneurship, both domestically & internationally. His speaking assignments include speaking at SMX Singapore, OMCAR 2008, 2009 & 2012, Social India conference 2011, OSI Days 2011, Engage Digital Summit 2012 and various B-Schools such as MDI, EMP Institute of Management, BULMIM, NSIT, UPES, BITS Pilani, among others.

What’s in the name?

A lot apparently. We have been accused of being Hindu right-wingers because of the “OM” in our name. True story. We have also been called OM Logistics and OmLogic at various points in time.

OMLogic actually stands for Online Marketing Logic – something we made clear with our tagline “Bringing Logic to Online Marketing”. The circles in top and left side in the logo essentially illustrate a growth in both directions.

Because of – or despite – being a social media agency we also believe in “being social” in real terms, as opposed to just online. And there lies our second biggest strength: being social – the Indian way. We understand the Indian nuances of being social more than anyone else – giving birth to our dictum of “Be Social, The Indian Way”.

What we do?

We essentially provide the following services which can be put into broad categories such as SMM, SEO, PPC, Web & Application development. Our major focus areas are-

• Brand Management
• Perception Management
• Viral Marketing
• Social Media Application Development
• Social Content Development
• Online Reputation Management
• Lead Generation

Social responsibility in social media

Paraphrasing Spider-Man: with expertise comes responsibility. At OMLogic, we do our best to be as social as social can be, and contribute generously to the well being of our community & the environment. We give back to the community that made us who we are.

Need of the hour

Focused engagement as opposed to fluff for your brand. If Sachin makes his 100th century and you as a brand congratulate him, guess what? So will 100 other brands. What unique value do you provide to your users ensuring that they remember YOUR brand?

We learned the hard way

The easiest way to “show” engagement for your brand is to through running contests and giving out freebies. That’s what you used to do without social media as well.
If that’s what you are sticking to after the advent of people-enabled social media as well, it just doesn’t work.
True engagement stems, not from giving out freebies but using the inherent power of social media to create ongoing engagement.

They work with us

HBO India
Teacher’s Scotch
Hexaware Technologies
Wave Cinemas
Hero Cycles
Wave City Center

Are you hiring?

Yes! We are always looking for people who are hard-working, focused and passionate about online marketing. If you think you have all of the above and can match our speed of working, give us a call any time for the following openings