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How did the idea of starting a Digital Marketing Learning Place come to you?

A small note here – Learning Catalyst is not just about digital marketing, it is about new media in general. So we have other courses for design (like modern web design) and technical folks (like Android app development) also.

For someone who always wanted to be in education, this seemed liked a natural choice. No pan-India competition, high expected growth rates and a clear need for skilled professionals – seemed like a perfect recipe.

This was actually Plan B when I quit Pinstorm – a leading digital agency in the country. Plan A did not quite work while this did.

According to you, how important is it for a person to take this course?

Like any other skill, you can learn it by yourself but taking a course ensures that you learn it right and learn it fast.

Helping people achieve the objectives of joining the course is crucial to all of us. Whether it is a job for a newbie or a transition into this space for a working professional or using these tactics in one’s business, we try our best to see that people are happy with the courses and the additional customized support that we give.

How often is the workshop held?

Our courses run continuously

What is the duration of the workshop?

Just any particular tactic – say SEO or social media will take 1 month. The full digital marketing program takes 2 months.

What is the workshop/course curriculum?

Depends which one !

Who should join the workshop/course – students, business owners, brand managers?

If we talk of the digital marketing one is best suited for:

  • Any graduate who wants to get into digital marketing
  • Any sales / marketing professional who wants to move into digital marketing or enhance his career prospects.

What platforms do you cover?

Major ones are Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Do you have different courses for different platforms? Can you shed some light on it?

We have different courses for different tactics if any one wants to specialize that way – say SEO or SEM or social media or affiliate marketing.

What are the eligibility criteria?

None. We’ve had people who have just completed HSC also do this. Any one who is excited about the medium, has a marketing flair and can constantly learn new things will do well here.

Can you brief us on the Faculty profile?

Our faculty team consists of some of the earliest professionals in new media in the country. They have led product teams, started companies and helped build talent in their respective companies. Companies would include Yahoo, Zee group, Shaadi.com, Pinstorm, Interactive Avenues, Fidelity, AOL and the like.

Type of workshop – Individual, group, corporate?

Batch based

Can you share some testimonials?

Josemon solly – Assistant Manager, Online marketing World Biz express

Learning Catalyst has been my window into the Digital Marketing world.The comprehensive course on Digital Marketing is designed to be real hands-on one.It equips you with an ability to get started with any project on day one, once you join a company. Learning Catalyst also provides excellent placement assistance and freelance support. My entry into the professional world was also supported by these efforts.

More can be found here

How much does the workshop cost for: a) Individuals and b) Corporates ?

  • 2 month courses – Rs.20,000
  • 1 month course – Rs.13,000

Where are the workshops held?

Our courses run in seven cities.

Do they help with internships/jobs?

Yes, very much – In fact, we have special packages for those interested in placement

Contact details

All India support and sales nos – 8976105325

Across seven cities, our contacts can be found here