Social Media Campaign Review: Reliance 3G Tweet-a-Tab contest

Every day, social media platforms are flooded with numerous contests. But, only a few make the cut. Here is one such contest that has been trending on Twitter ever since it kickstarted.

About the Contest

Reliance Mobile is currently running Tweet-a-Tab contest from 13th-17th August in Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Delhi & Chandigarh respectively. Presently, the contest has been covered in Mumbai, Kolkata and Indore and is currently undergoing in Delhi right now.

This is how the contest works. Reliance Mobile hides the 3G Tab V9A at a particular location within each city. They also created a Facebook application which integrated Twitter and Google Maps in such a way that, after every few tweets, the map zoomed in to reveal the location.

Essentially, they invited their Facebook fans to follow @RelianceMobile on Twitter and tweet using the respective hashtag for their city. The hashtag used for Mumbai was #Reliance3GTabInMumbai and likewise for Kolkata and Indore. The participants were asked to tweet how far would they go to grab a Reliance3G Tab V9A. The more they tweeted, the faster the location of the Tab hidden in their city would be revealed. The person who was first to reach the location, won the Tab.


One thing I liked the most about this campaign was that it integrated Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps effectively. The contest has also been advertised on the television channel Bindaas and on various radio channels too. It is a great example of online-offline integration.

One of the objectives of this contest seems to be to bring its Facebook community members on Twitter.

Of course the hashtag #Reliance3GTabInMumbai trended no. 1 in India on the first day itself (and was trending for Kolkata and Indore too) but that’s not what sets it apart, what’s notable is the way it engaged the users and influenced Facebook users to Tweet.

Some interesting Tweets by Users

After revealing the location of the Tab, Reliance Mobile’s Twitter handle didn’t die. They had a quick fire quiz to engage other users and give them a chance to win more merchandise. These questions were about Reliance products and campaigns.

Another great thing about this campaign is the way they integrated video in the campaign by interviewing the winners and sharing it with their community on Facebook and Twitter.

Scope of Improvement

The campaign resembles Volkswagen Fox’s twitter zoom campaign held earlier in 2011. Yes, imitation is the best form of flattery but I wish it had something more to offer on the ground level.

Also, the Facebook Tab could have included a link to the official page of the 3G Tablet so that people can check it out and pre-order it. It could have garnered a lot more eyeballs that way, hence closing the loop.

Also I wonder what Reliance had to offer to people who reached the place a little late than the winner. Some merchandise or a gift card could have been a great way to applaud their efforts.


So to sum it up, this contest is noteworthy due to the success it had right on its first day. It was undoubtedly a success on Twitter and the integration of various media along with the offline world was noteworthy.

While there were some facets where it could have done well, but nonetheless, this is a really great promotional campaign in the Indian social media scenario.