Social Media Case Study: Engaging PVR Fans on Facebook

The Challenge

  • PVR Cinemas on Facebook ( is the official Facebook page with thousands of fans.
  • PVR approached us to see what interesting, creative and viral ideas we had in mind to engage with the large fan base on the page.
  • The audience on the page were young and outgoing in nature. They also had a passion for movies and were fans of many actors, directors, films, etc. In general we could say that the knowledge level of these fans for movies was high.
  • We came up with a simple but viral application on Facebook to engage with the audience on PVR and the campaign was a huge success!

Strategy and Approach

  • Knowing that the audience on the PVR page were very passionate about movies in general, we decided to reward the ones with the best knowledge of movies, actors, directors, etc.
  • We came up with the PVR Film Quotient application.
  • In this application, a user has to answer five simple questions about movie trivia from Bollywood and Hollywood and if they scored 100% they were rewarded with a PVR movie ticket!
  • We used the Facebook application platform and the Facebook Ads platform to reach the right audience and achieve the desired results.

PVR Film Quotient Application

Application Landing page

Once the user lands on the page, they have to LIKE the page to enter the app and take part. If a user doesn’t LIKE the page he/she cannot take part in the quiz.


After LIKING the page, the rules of the contest are shown. After reading them, they have to click on NEXT.

Take the Quiz!

After “Allowing” the app on Facebook they will be directed to this page where a user has to click on “TAKE THE QUIZ” to find out how good their Film Quotient is!

Answering Questions

After clicking on “TAKE THE QUIZ” the questions begin appearing.

  1. A user has to answer a total of 5 questions.
  2. These questions are chosen from a database of over 150 questions.
  3. Every question has a 10 second timer. So it’s hard to Google an answer.

Once on the 5th question, the user has to click FINISH to go to the next screen to view their score and enter their contact details.

Finishing the Quiz

After answering all 5 questions, your score will be displayed. The email id and name are automatically captured, but the user has to fill in their mobile number and city and click SUBMIT.

Auto-Posting on the user’s Facebook Wall

After taking the quiz and submitting their score, an automatic wall post via the PVR Movie Quiz application is posted on the users wall. It says how much the user scored and prompts their friends to take the quiz and test their Film Quotient. This adds to the virality of the application because for every user who takes the quiz, this message gets posted on their wall!

Appears in the newsfeed as well

Once the user takes the quiz and submits details, besides appearing on their wall, it also appears in their friends newsfeed, spreading the viral reach of the application.

Re-taking the Quiz

A re-take of the quiz is allowed ONLY after 48 hours. So if the same user comes back to the application, this countdown clock is displayed with the time remaining before they can re- take the quiz.

Promoting the PVR Film Quotient Application

Promoting the contest on the PVR page

There were regular status updates on the PVR page promoting the application and asking users to take part and WIN PVR tickets!

Promoting via Targeted Facebook Ads

  • Besides engaging the existing audience of PVR, we also wanted to reach a new audience via highly targeted Facebook ads.
  • We used targeted facebook ads in a very well manner with many targeting criteria to reach the right untapped audience.

Targeting was done based on the following

  • First only in cities where PVR had theaters.
  • Then targeting users who had LIKED – celebrity actor/actress pages, movie pages, directors and musicians pages, generic movie related pages, movie awards pages, etc.
  • This way, we reached the right audience and got optimal ROI on the ad spend done.

The Results

The PVR Film Quotient application was live on the Facebook page and ran for a period of 3 weeks. During the three week period, the response was overwhelming, on all parameters, the campaign was a success. Few important numbers are given below.

No. of New LIKES – 15,000+ New Likes in 3 weeks.

No. of entries to the contest – Over 2,000 entries in 3 weeks.

No. of ticket winners – Approx 240 winners got PVR Tickets.

Some more Numbers

Story Impressions – 1,27,796 story impressions

Story impressions are basically the number of times the “automated wall post” on a persons wall was seen by everyone. So1,700+ posts led to over 1.2 Lakh story impressions. These are seen on the FB newsfeed and profiles.

Application Installs – Males 77% and 23% Females

The application was used more by males, as 77% of all participants were males and 23% were females.

Top 3 Cities: Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore

The top 3 cities where this app was used was: Mumbai first, then Delhi followed by Bangalore.

Application Rating – 4.6 on 5.0

All Apps on Facebook can be rated by users based on functionality, UI, ease of use, etc. The PVR App was rated 4.6/5.0 by users.