Social Media Case Study: Standard Chartered Bank


  • The challenge was to make the brand interesting and relevant to the user, while maintaining a connect with the product
  • Food was found to be second only to shopping in terms of spends through credit cards. That justified choosing food as a category of interest to leverage the brand.
  • Maintain a refreshing approach to social media in the category.


  • IFE, a community of food lovers, provided users with suggestions for food joints, delicacies, etc. based on their tastes and location. A wide variety of activities kept the users engaged.
  • Most other brands had taken the approach of promoting their brands in a direct manner. With IFE, we created a clutter-breaking approach.


  • In a year, we’ve not only built the country’s largest community in the Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) category.
  • With more than 6,00,000+ fans and a reach of 55,561,539.
  • A community that’s constantly growing and has a significantly large base of active users at any given time.

Case Study Submitted by Standard Chartered Bank, India