Campaign Review: Head and Shoulders Shine Like A Heroine

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Kareena Kapoor has been the brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders India since several years now, representing the sort of consistency rarely found in brands these days. In an environment where cosmetic brands change their faces so fast you start mixing up actors and the products they endorse. Head & Shoulders has stuck to Kareena since November 2007.

head and shoulders kareena

This could have something to do with the fact that the actor’s brand value  has never seen a dip for too long. Nevertheless, Head & Shoulders has been running a series of ads on Facebook based on Kareena’s new film Heroine before launching the ‘Shine like a heroine’ contest on 13th September.


Head and shoulders heroines

The objective of this contest is to provide dual promotion to Head and Shoulders and Heroine, while also giving fans an opportunity to flaunt their beautiful hair and rewarding them for the same.


Shine like a heroine

All you have to do is send Head and Shoulders a picture of you where you ‘look like a heroine’ with your beautiful hair via a Facebook message. Head and Shoulders will then upload the best pictures on Facebook and also send them gift hampers of Head and Shoulders products.

While there aren’t any features on the app, the photographs and ads are being posted regularly on the Facebook page and appear to be generating quite an enthusiastic response with 50 to 100 comments on each post and 500-1000 likes on each album.


Head and shoulders shine like a heroine

Apart from the incentive of winning free goodies, what I love about the campaign is that it makes you feel so good about yourself! Here is a legitimate way to indulge one’s narcissism and have the world ogle at your beauty!

Head and Shoulders kept the buzz going with different ads streaming regularly with captions like ‘Outshine the world’,  ‘Start counting your fans’ and ‘Swing into the spotlight’. The best part is that this is a win-win campaign for both sexes – while the girls lap up the adulation, the guys are left wanting more!

The posts appear to be immensely popular with fans averaging 2000-3000 likes and sometimes more! There are around 200 shares per post. Head and Shoulders has uploaded five rounds of shortlisted pictures so far totalling around 18 photographs.

The photographs have been integrated into the same template as Kareena in the campaign ads and have just the right amount of glitz and glamour!

Scope for Improvement

shine like a heroine contest

They could include a girly date with Kareena as the ultimate prize! Other than that, there isn’t much to say about this campaign. But Head and Shoulders could take the Heroine-based marketing ahead by offering free tickets as prizes apart from Head and Shoulders products.

Also, along with the picture, videos or write-ups about people’s Head and Shoulders experiences would be a charming touch.  But the campaign is great as it is. I do hope Head and Shoulders is planning to use some of those winning entries in its billboard and print advertisements!