Social Media Campaign Review: Oral-B Dentist Lounge


The objective of this campaign is to provide a platform for viewers from major cities in India to get their dental queries answered by certified dentists, and at the same time establish Oral-B as a brand that is trusted and endorsed by the best of the dental community.

oral-b dentist's lounge


The ease of asking queries is the best part of this app. All you have to do is select your city and post your query in the form of a comment. One of the featured dentists (usually four to six) will respond to your question within 48 hours.

How simple is that? In fact, you can email email Oral-B with your details for a personal appointment with one of the dentists, thereby offering the dentists the opportunity to expand their consultancy practices.

Questions range from issues with bad breath to discoloured teeth. The dentists have answered the queries in detail and advise you to visit a dentist wherever required.

oral-b dentist's lounge


This is an excellent way of getting people to address their dental concerns since a visit to the dentist is something most of us avoid as far as possible. The app is easy to use and completely relevant for Oral-B.

Scope for Improvement

oral-b user interaction

Responses from the dentists are posted by Oral-B but anyone can respond to any of the queries.  There are some dubious pieces of advice thanks to this feature and one wonders if perhaps Oral-B should have restricted replies to those who know it best!

Also, the app is too generic in nature and doesn’t do much for Oral-B except perhaps enhance its brand credibility. There is much more that could be done here – include a contest, provide some incentives, bring in Oral-B in the content or the prizes.

Finally, just a question and answer thread becomes boring to read and is not engaging enough. Oral-B could organize live chat sessions or even a Google hangout with the dentists.