Sam Pitroda to Hold a Live Twitter Session Today

Advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Mr. Sam Pitroda will be holding a live twitter session later today where he will be discussing ‘Democratization of Information’ with fellow twitter users.

The event page only talks about the there which is ‘Democratization of Information’ but has no details about what all issues will be discussed. The theme sounds to broad to me to make a guess. It can either be about using Internet to make information sharing easy, or it can even be a face-saver activity post government’s undemocratic crackdown on various twitter handles.

If it is the latter, I believe it’s too late now.

Positioned as India’s first press conference on Twitter, it will kickstart at 3:30PM IST and will go on till 4:15PM.

Announcing the live twitter session, Sam Pitroda tweeted out saying:

There has no announcement regarding the hashtag for the session but looking at the latest tweets from @sampitroda it seems to be #DOI.

Why virtual press conference on #Twitter?

You can track the tweets for the live session on our livestream. And considering the fact that it is going to be a government representative answering questions, you can expect some massive trollage today ;)

You have been warned Sam!

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