Who are we?

DPM*Social is a boutique social media agency. We began in 2009 as a one-man operation in New York City and have now permanently shifted to Mumbai.

All our employees are on the move. We strongly believe in a big work-life balance and so most of our team is varied, from hiking adventurers who have scaled some of the greatest peaks in India to spiritually charged members who will sometimes spend days in silence or meditation.

Originality, a sense of belonging and a passion for something greater than ourselves is a key component of each member of our team. Agency profile, history, team

What’s in the name?

DPM is a dual purposed name. It stands for Direct Purposeful Marketing and also happens to be the initials of its founder, Dhaval P. Mehta.

dhaval p mehta

All the brands that we manage solve a genuine problem. We don’t believe in supporting businesses in existence simply to sell its wares without reasoning.

It’s all about being honest in marketing. We know. A revolutionary concept. But a much needed one.

What we do?

Social media management

Social listening

Social media marketing

Why we do it?

Word of mouth marketing is the simplest, most effective method of making people aware of your existence. It also lends itself to honest marketing because you cannot hype up a bad product.

No matter how brilliant your spin team is, you cannot fool the experience a customer has. And to be able to work with interesting companies that truly are customer centric made us foray into the social media realm.

Our first client was a holistic counselor in New York City who helped people live a healthy lifestyle – so that after the 4 to 6 month course, they would never again have to pay her to feel better.

That’s what it’s all about. Making a genuine difference in people’s lives.

How we evolve?

Social listening has become a key component for our multinational clients. The ability to put your ear to a million plus websites and forums worldwide and find the people who love you or hate you – is powerful. Especially when you’re working with companies that care about their brand value.

We evolve based on need. Not just for technology’s sake.

Social responsibility in social media

Our motto is to work exclusively with companies whom we find to be customer centric and fair. We’re not going to promote widget pushers or dime a dozen type of organizations pushing the same useless junk to the masses.

Our clients are organic, well thought out, honest and diligent organizations who care about their employees as much as they do about their bottom line and customers.

Basically, we work with nice people so we don’t end up promoting lies. Goes back to the concept of honest marketing.

Need of the hour

A mechanism to weed out spammers, tweet bots and copy and paste websites. There’s too much content stealing happening on social media. One great post from us will be seen on another website’s front page the next without any credit. But what can you do? Imitation is the best form of flattery is the best motto.

We learned the hard way

Sometimes waiting to respond is the best option. Other times, you need to respond right away. The trick is knowing when and how.

They work with us

Can’t name them all. Do U Speak Green? Is one of our favorite brands – they’re the first organic webstore in India. A multinational BPO whom we can’t name. We also volunteer our services with a few spiritual non-profit organizations whom we can’t name either.

Industry as we foresee

Automation will become the key. More and more, social media will move away from the agency and become a role – or maybe it may mesh with the marketing manager’s role. What we know is that social media isn’t rocket science, yes it requires dedication and practice and knowhow. But it also can be taught. That is why we’re opening a training facility very soon.

A day without Internet

It would be amazing. Social media or the Internet is interesting only when it mirrors reality to a degree. You may not be able to share the magical walk in the park or the lazy Sunday on a beach – but that experience is why we want to share to begin with.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Not right now. When we do, we’ll let you guys know!


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