Social Media Agency Feature – Upside9

Who are we?

Upside9 is a consulting & implementation firm in the customer engagement space. Now you would think what is”Customer engagement”??  As the name suggests it is engaging your customers with your brand and creating awesome experiences for them. We use technology to engage your customers at every touchpoints and in turn create a buzz about your brand, product and company as a whole. Our focus is to create MOMENTS which are everlasting. Our approach is based on research and analytics. And it has helped us in creating and implementing innovative winning strategies for our clients.

Upside9 team:

Abhishek Daga – Bachelor of Technology, IIT Varanasi.

Cisco Systems (Previously worked)Abhishek , good at finding problems, then excellent at solving them, keeps coming up with better and newer ideas and is rightly the think tank. His expertise in digital marketing has 6 years of experience in it.

Worked for Cisco for four years on global innovation startup  projects involving Social media, SEO, innovation, product development.

After Cisco he headed digital marketing wing of India for a UK based  company Eulogy! Handled projects  for clients like Discovery Channel, Royal Mail, Direct ferries, Finlandia, Biocon, Arvind Mills,  MFC,  ElJimador, Poker Strategy  etc.

Anshul – the idea generator & executioner

Yes Anshul is the idea person. Keeps churning out ideas and strategies. And implements them. By profession she is an Engineer in Computer Science and has worked in the industry for 6 years across Business Development, Technology & Product Management

Did an education startup couple of years back. Generally excited and curious.

What’s in the name?

“Nice Name”; “Quite a catchy name”- Remarks of our customers

Upside9 is an exciting catchy name. Upside is the positive side of things, the good side.

What we do?

Our services are divided into three verticals: Customer engagement, Mobile Solutions and Custom Applications

Customer engagement:  Analytics & Insights, User Experience Design, Content, SEO/SMO, Blogs, Wikis, Forums/ Communities, Social applications, Microsites, Websites

Mobile Strategy & Consulting: Mobile application development for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone, Mobile portals

Custom Applications: We build exciting applications using Java, PHP, DotNet & Ruby

Why we do it?

It is exciting to know how every customer is different. How people behave when online. We love capturing that information and deriving patterns out of it. It’s a new space and our experience in business & technology gives us a better standing.

How we evolve?

It is a highly volatile industry. The major reason is that it is a new thing and everyone is experimenting. It is driven by technology, which changes like every day.

We invest a lot in research therefore instead of following trends we are trying to create trends. We are trying to come up with holistic solutions for companies, reducing the entry barrier and coming up with different plans for different geo’s.

Our team as a very quick learning curve and we have been using innovative methods to study customer behavior.

Social responsibility in social media

The most important thing is to respect the personal space of people. We should take care of this and keep information confidential. That’s one important thing we all believe at Upside9.

Need of the hour

A proper documentation can help in the long run. These documentation should help in drawing a line on what information can be used & what cannot.

Also it is an evolving space and we would see lot of new laws coming in place. The recent request by Indian Government to Twitter  was a scenario which will give rise to some laws.

We learned the hard way

Every market is different. People don’t clearly understand the value of digital space yet so you have to be very patient. You should keep this in mind while forming strategies.

Did we just share that?

Background: Went to meet a prospect. Had scheduled a 45 mins meeting but somehow it ended in 10 mins. We entered and the first question the prospect asked

Prospect: I am getting this done in X amount can you do it in less than this

Upside9: Speechless

They work with us

We share strict NDA with clients

Industry as we foresee

Industry is very volatile. No one understands the value of what social media can do. And I think that’s the fun part: “The Unknown”. It gives lot of space to experiment. The number of people using social media in India and globally as well is increasing every day and each user is different. Analytics and Insights will be playing a major role. The whole thought is scary yet exciting. It looks like that people have started getting a hang of social media to some extent but it will take time to mature. It is like a baby who has just come out of the womb and is crying and thinking where I am! Let the baby grow a bit.

A day without Internet

Life was there even before people had smartphones, tabs, or even internet. Something like this would be a welcoming break.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes definitely we are in lookout of talented folks. Currently we are looking for a social media manager.