Twitter Bans Animated GIF Avatars

I was having an internal discussion with one of my colleague Paresh and he broke the news that Twitter now bans GIF Avatars! Pop came the reaction from me “Why on this earth would they want to do it?” As a twitter user, I keep changing my Twitter profile picture every now and then and animated GIF’s are my personal favorites! I just love them! Disappointed I crawled on Google and yeah it is “Twitter Blocks Animated GIFs in Profile Pics!”

Being a fan of the feature, I thought of penning this down.

Twitter, off late, has been working hard on regulating the platform. After limiting the Image Services and Restricted Developers, now comes another step where choices of users are sidelined, blocking Animated GIF’s on profile pics.

Definitely, a major source of disappointment for users!

If you have a problem uploading a GIF, now you know why! (Screenshots Via Mashable)

Twitter PHOTO

As of now, what I read on various websites is, Twitter is taking the anti GIF policy seriously by stopping all animated profile pic uploads. Twitter has also released a new set of design policy mentioning the same. The good news for people who already have animated GIFs is, their profile pics remain untouched.

On a Lighter Note:- I came across a piece written by Christine Erickson dated 20th September 2012 on Mashable. (Images used from the article)

Twitter users are reacting to the news with a variety of emotions!









Quitting Twitter

All and/or None of the Above



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