When Social Samosa Hit the Spot with HubSpot!

Last night was quite a crazy night on Skype for us. Well, all days are crazy but last night was something special.

It was around 10PM and I was wrapping off my work and leave for dinner when Sam Mallikarjunan (Head of Experimental Marketing, HubSpot ) tweeted this:

Happily, I shared the tweet with my team on Skype Chat and that’s when things got crazy. We usually gift samosas to our wonderful authors but they are all Indian residents and Sam works with HubSpot in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We were just wondering how we can pull it off and that was when Aditya logged into the chat and suggested that we send it through his friend who lives nearby.

After what seemed like a commotion of 30 minutes – to confirm if Sam was in office or not and to find a great place to order Samosa’s from (thanks Yelp!) – we finally ordered the Samosas from Harvest India and asked it to be delivered to Sam.

It was an endless wait where I had slept off and Ankita logged out as well (only Aditya and Srini were online), and then we got this tweet from Sam:

We made several other HubSpotters happy as well:



And then HubSpot reached out to us:


Here’s the snap of HubSpotters enjoying the delicious samosas that @HubSpot shared with us:

HubSpotters Enjoying Samosas

I was mighty surprised when I logged into Twitter this morning and saw the awesomeness Social Samosa accomplished last night. It was really great sharing some spicy Samosa love half-way across the world with the HubSpotters!

They are one of the best when it comes to social media, and what better way to show it than with some AweSamosas. Right?