Announcing ITsAP & ACM Workshop for Social and Social Media in Enterprise Solutions


The Hyderabad ACM Chapter and ITsAP is organizing a workshop on the “Design Approaches for Social & Social Media in Enterprise Solutions”.

Social and Social media is just a part that needs to be considered while designing Information Systems and many paradigms/concepts will fall into place once that is done.

This includes engaging and bringing individuals and their groups into focus, embracing social networking concepts and designing for/towards Contemporary Organizations.

The workshop will include talks on social networking in enterprise solutions; deep dive discussions on what and how-to’s of platforms, frameworks and tools available in the Social Networking world. It will also include actual case studies and challenges from a solution developers’ point of view.


04:00pm – Registration Starts

04:30pm – Opening Comment/Setting Context. Dr. Vasudeva Varma, IIIT Hyderabad

04:30pm – Emerging Use cases for Social Networks in Enterprise solutions. Prakash YV, (Head, Research at Wooqer)

A discussion on Use Cases for leveraging social collaboration and networks in enterprise solutions. Presents emerging Use Cases for social networks in the enterprise solutions.

05:25pm – Social Collaboration and enterprise business solutions. Rajiv Shivane, VP [email protected]

Discussion on how a contemporary platform can be used to seamlessly overlay collaboration onto existing enterprise business solutions. A technology case study based on Qontext platform.

 06:20pm – Social analytics and sentiment analysis. Dr.Prasad,

It’ll be the first time that a consumer level real time social analytics product built in Hyderabad will be show cased at the scale of billions of opinions and 500+ millions of topic. It will be followed by a talk on social analytics and its utility to businesses with some really deep semantic technology.

07:15 pm– Design Approaches [TBD] A solution developers/System Integrators view of the social collaboration solutions.

08:00pm – Wrap Up, followed by Networking over Working Dinner

You can register for the workshop here