Facebook Testing Different Logout Pages


Earlier this year, Facebook began showing users ads when they logged out from their desktops. The ads replaced the old “connect with Facebook” landing page.

Now, Facebook is testing a new batch of logout pages to a select group of users, to enhance what users see on each side of the login/logout process.

TechCrunch was the first to report on the test of logout pages, and Facebook confirmed the test to the blog, verifying that the images were real, but they gave the standard response

We’re constantly testing new products and features across the site. We have nothing more to share at this time

According to screenshots obtained by TechCrunch, some of the new homepages for logged out users feature have an interesting polygon map of the Facebook universe, as well as a couple with some fall foliage in the background.

Facebook Logout Page Test

Facebook Logout Page

Facebook started jazzing up its logout page in February. It frequently keeps on changing with big banner ads, some of which are interactive like a Bing search page or an in-line video

We are currently greeted with Facebook’s “Chairs” – Facebook’s brand new video released to celebrate the 1 billion user milestone.

facebook logout page

While it does show certain brand pages as the logout page, it may end up putting ads over there soon.