Kingfisher Launches ‘The Great Indian October Fest’ Live on Facebook &

kingfisher The great Indian October Fest

Initiating, fuelling, sustaining conversations and getting meaningful interactions remains to be the key challenge any brand faces on social media – Kingfisher is perceived as the benchmark in this space with consistently high levels of interactivity.

Kingfisher Premium announces the launch of its multimedia campaign designed for Kingfisher Premium ‘The Great Indian October fest’ (TGIOF), 2012.

The campaign brings together the online and offline world through collaborative initiatives to offer fans a multimedia experience of TGIOF 2012, irrespective of their geographic locations.

TGIOF for the first time goes beyond the event to give consumers a seamless experience of sharing ‘Good Times’ on their favourite social platform. Those who cannot attend, Kingfisher will bring TGIOF to their desktops through live streaming on Facebook &

It also enables attendees to save & share memories that last beyond the moment. For the first time ever, TGIOF will witness the use of finger print technology. The attendees will have to share their Social network login details to match with their fingerprints that will allow them to tag & share their favorite moments of October fest with their online friends.

Fingerprint scanners placed at the venue will possess a camera setup that will trigger reactions like take & share pictures (Kingfisher branded) to their FB News feed, a Facebook Check-In, Like etc.

To take the fest to the next level, live streaming of TGIOF will also be available at over 12,000 cyber cafes in cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore as a means of involving fans in these places.

To promote the unique digital initiatives; Kingfisher has planned an innovative print campaign using image recognition technology. Users will have to click the print ad & the teaser video of October fest comes alive on their mobile screen. This will direct them to the Kingfisher Facebook Page to view the live Streaming of TGIOF

Currently the brand’s Facebook page proudly flaunts close to 5 million fans, making it one of the top brands on Facebook in India. Incidentally, this also makes Kingfisher the 3rd largest beer brand globally on Facebook! On the other hand on Twitter, Kingfisher has a fair presence with about 23,000 followers.

Kingfisher is perceived as a thought leader on Twitter and as a brand that listens to consumers, not just talk. This is reinforced by even some of the top global blogs on social media mentioning Kingfisher’s Facebook & Twitter presence individually as amongst the best uses of social media in India by brands.