Simplify360 Launches Analytics Centre of Excellence to Educate the Ecosystem

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Simplify360 Launches Analytics Centre of Excellence to Educate the Ecosystem

Simplify360, one of Asia's leading brand monitoring platform has announced the launch of its Analytics Centre of Excellence (Analytics C0E).

Analytics COE is an effort by the company to educate the ecosystem, both customers and partners, and uncover its Analytics Framework.

The Simplify360 Analytics Framework provides the demographics, opinion, context of discussion and cross-linkage among brands. There by helping brands to design their next marketing and branding strategies by providing the required intelligence regarding their brand, competition and consumer trends.

Talking about this development, Bhupendra Khanal, CEO Simplify360 says:

There is a huge amount of data being generated in the Social Media space. The data is not only about people’s personal preferences and activities but also about their views towards brands. It is a gold mine for marketers and brand managers.

Simplify360 works with domain and analytics experts to find such relevant rules. Some other rules come from Statistical Findings, and they are validated with business logic before they become the rule for the tool. This ensures a higher efficiency and greater relevance to your business.

Simplify360 is advised by James Taylor, respected blogger on Enterprise Decision Management and CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Anunay Gupta, COO and Head of Analytics for Marketelligent, leading Analytics firm.

In other news, Simplify360 has received a strategic round of investment from Texas based Amvensys Capital Group, LLC. Following the investment, Simplify360 plans to aggresively acquire and grow new customers in United States.

Bhupendra Khanal, CEO Simplify360 says,

We are excited about this partnership and funds from this investment will be used to expand & grow operations in United States. Simplify360 has built a strong and loyal customer base in India, APAC and Europe, but we definitely want to turn Simplify360 into a Global company. United States is a key market for us to achieve this goal.

Z. Ed Lateef , CEO Amvensys Capital Group says,

Simplify360 has done tremendously well in APAC region and have established a strong position in Social Media Management and Brand Monitoring space. Most importantly, Simplify360 team is highly focussed and bring thought leadership in this new and emerging space. This matches well with the global growth strategy for Amvensys Capital Group.

With this partnership Z. Ed Lateef and Ajay Alur from Amvensys will join the board of Simplify360. They have shifted their Head Quarters to US, now they are officially Simplify360 Inc, United States – a Delaware Corporation. Meanwhile, InRev India is now subsidiary to Simplify360 US.

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