Social Media Agency Feature : Digitally Inspired Media

Digitally Inspired Media

Who are we?

Digitally Inspired Media is a New Age Brand Reputation Consultant. We delve into the heart of what makes a brand, giving it a vision and a voice.

We utilize cutting edge technologies to obtain maximum visibility, ensuring deeper engagement with your fans and converting them into loyal customers.

What’s in the name?

After racking our brains for three days, the name came to us at 5am in a brief flash of inspiration! We call ourselves ‘Digitally Inspired Media’ as we find the source of our inspiration from the digital world, which has become a vital part of our lives.

We truly believe in the power of digital, the power to bring people together virtually and make great things happen. A space without walls or boundaries, a space that transcends all our differences, a space of true freedom….the digital frontier!

Digitallay Inspired Media

What we do?

We shed away with old models of connecting with customers and look at creative new ways to let people know the true purpose and inspiration behind a brand, ultimately fostering a lifelong relationship between the brand and customer.

We achieve this by offering the following services:

Why we do it?

We currently live in hyper real technology drenched lives where it can get confusing and chaotic. That’s where we come in. We eat, drink, breathe and live technology. We make the transition to the virtual world a seamless process whereby all your brand’s needs are met.

We do it because we believe in the pure potential of digital media to revolutionize people’s lives and ultimately the world.

How we evolve?

Our team consists of people from widely different backgrounds. Each member is passionate about their field of interest and just cannot seem to shut up about it.

This way, we are always in the loop on latest trends. Further, we are always brainstorming and cross-pollinating ideas from different fields and use it in our work to create something that hasn’t been done before.

Social responsibility in social media

We believe it is important to be completely honest and transparent when connecting with people, especially on social media.

We advise and encourage the brands that we work with to do the same, keeping in mind that not everything you do needs to be shared socially. We help brands communicate more efficiently by placing the right message in the right place.

Need of the hour

The need of the hour is for brands to think beyond mere ‘likes’ and to focus directly on the ‘long tail’, which is engaging people by talking to them, informing them and aiming to make their lives easier by being highly valuable to them.

We help brands to differentiate themselves amidst the noise and expand their circle of influence.

We learned the hard way

It is crucial to understand a brand holistically, understand its place in the market and to identify key goals that need to be achieved.

We’ve realized that no two brands are the same, even if they are in the same category, what works for one does not always work for another. It helps to not take a brand at face value and is always beneficial to dig a lot more deeper.

Did we just share that?

We were covering a wilderness survival training trek for a client, posting live updates deep in the forest. After reaching a certain point, we lost signal completely, putting us in a spot.

It was quite epic to see our team run around and scale the nearby peaks just to get some signal! We managed to successfully cover what was required and post the same the next day.

You can watch the trek video here

They work with us

We find it very fulfilling to work with our clients, as they provide a lot of value for people and make an active difference in their lives. One of our clients is a premier survival skills training organization.

We also handle a group of educational institutions, which houses seven different institutions.Students are very interesting to work with as they are way ahead on social media and make it an integral part of their lives.

Another client doing interesting work is a consumer complaint forum that deals with consumer grievances. We also work with various other brands that we’d like to be mysteriously secretive about. ;)

Industry as we foresee

The Digital Media industry is still in its nascent stage here, only scratching the surface of what is possible online. We are seeing more and more brands get online and many innovative startups begin to leverage open technologies to utilize social data in a meaningful way.

With the advent of powerful mobile apps, augmented reality, social connections, we will soon see spaces open up in the marketplace.

A day without Internet

A Day!?!Thanks to our ISP, we were given rationed supply of internet for two days. Those two days here consisted of us discovering the joys of the outside world, whilstcursing our ISP.

We make use of this downtime to exhaust our markers and fill up our whiteboard with ideas and doodles!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are! We’re on the hunt for talent who has passion in abundance and are truly the self-inspired kinds.