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Social Media Agency Feature: VML Qais

Who are we?

A part of the WPP Group, VML Qais is a full service digitally- led marketing and social media agency, with capabilities spread across research, strategy, creative, technology, media, social, mobility and analytics.

What's in the name?

VML Qais is the Asian arm of the VML network, serving the region from offices in Singapore and India.



What we do?

We at VML Qais specialise in translating a brand’s marketing activities into strong digital experiences and seamless digital ecosystems, speaking with relevant consumers wherever they are in the digital universe.

Why we do it?

“The landscape that brands operate in is seeing the change of new media, mobile technology, and new digital devices already. As consumers gain more control of how, when, and if they interact with brands, brands will have two choices. Either they become agile, innovate, and adapt to consumers’ changing behavior, or they become irrelevant!

With our philosophy of LEARN-PLAN-DO, we at VML Qais, have the expertise and experience to help brands stay abreast, ahead & connected in the dynamic digital"- Tripti Lochan, CEO VML Qais.

How we evolve?

Listen. Till yesterday, the Voice of the Customer used to be a research study conducted by the market research agency. Today, customers are not shy to communicate with brands, with each other, or just be vocal about their opinions. Brands need to realize the wealth of feedback that this offers them, and the agility this provides them to experiment and get instant feedback along their innovation cycle. We listen to our consumers, wherever they are in the digital universe

Think continuum. Brands need to think in terms of a continuum vis-à-vis customers. Not a beginning and an end, but a continuous opportunity – of trying, learning, sharpening, trying something new again. Indecision paralyses, and brands need to be careful not to get caught in this paralysis. We think continuum.

Need of the hour

Brand experience & Transparency- Brands will need to think through the customer experience, tear down any silos that exist within their organization and provide unique experiences that delight their customers. This will encourage a greater number of direct conversations between consumers & brands. This also means that brands need to have a transparent relationship with their consumers

They work with us

In India we are working with a set of prestigious brands like Mahindra & Mahindra, ICICI Bank, Revlon, Tata Motors and Mahindra (two wheelers)

Industry as we foresee

India is set to be an innovation hub, setting trends for the future with half the country’s population below 25 years old,” noted Jon Cook, chief executive and president of VML, the digital marketing arm of WPP Group, in an 18 July interview. “It is the second-fastest growing digital market in the world, the third-largest Facebook market, the sixth-largest Twitter market with 13 million accounts, and it has the second-highest base of LinkedIn users in the world.”

Lastly, are you hiring?

"Our key hires are made with growth in mind.

While the creative support will still be provided by the teams in Mumbai and Singapore; the Delhi team will be steadily built. VML Qais also recently set up a technology centre in Hyderabad and also plans to boost its team there. “- Tripti Lochan, CEO VML Qais.

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