Social Media Campaign Review: Benelave Bathroom Singer Contest

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The objective of the Benelave Bathroom Singer Contest app is to engage fans by asking them to upload videos of them singing in the bathroom and reward them for the same, thus drawing a connect between an enjoyable activity in the bathroom and a brand that provides bathroom fittings.


benelave bathroom singer contest

To participate in the contest and stand a chance to win one lakh rupees, you must "Like" Benelave’s Facebook page. Participants have the option of uploading a video or audio file of them singing in the bathroom.

The rules and regulations make it clear that this is an amateur singing contest as no musical instruments are permitted.

The campaign also incorporates quotes like Dennis Brown’s ‘Sometimes that s why you might stay in the bathroom for even half an hour, making hat water run all over, just singing', successfully establishing bathing as an enjoyable activity that deserves attention.

benelave contest

Benelave has been running a series of posts on its Facebook page to promote the contest – each of the post combine the name of a famous singer with a common name, appealing to people’s aspirations.

And then, who doesn’t want think they could be a pop star, right?

Benelave Facebook app

You can see videos of other participants and vote for them in the gallery and the response looks pretty good with the most popular bathroom singer garnering over 600 votes. And the guy seems pretty talented by the looks of t!


benelave bathroom singer

A bathroom singing contest by a manufacturer of sanitary ware? That’s pure genius! It makes faucets and bath fittings sound so glamorous, and the association between the product and the activity is also just perfect.

Participants in this contest should definitely help users recall Benelave the next time they go shopping for bath accessories and fittings.

Scope for Improvement

benelave facebook contest app

A monetary prize never does much for a brand. An all new bathroom from Benelave would have been an attractive prize too. Additionally, the contest could have involved designing your dream bathroom using Benelave fittings in a flash format.

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