Social Media Campaign Review: Cinthol’s Alive is Awesome


A photography-based contest, Cinthol’s Alive is Awesome campaigns aims at creating uniquely ‘alive’ bathing experiences with Cinthol as the central theme.


Upload a picture or a video of your ‘Alive is awesome’ moment and stand to win an all expense paid trip to exotic bathing locations or a DSLR camera. And you can always become a “web celeb on Cinthol’s social media pages”.

You can upload pictures directly from your Facebook album or from your computer. There are separate galleries for photos and videos and some of them are truly breathtaking while others are more mundane.


There are 48 photographs featured in the gallery but just a single video, obviously because photos are easier to click and readily available. But I like the fact that they have provided the option. On a lighter note, Cinthol couldn’t possibly ask people to submit pictures of themselves in the shower so the ‘awesome moments’ concept works better! However, water does seem to be a recurring theme in most of the pictures.

Scope for Improvement

Strangely, there appears to be no provision to vote for the pictures so I don’t know what the basis for selecting winners will be. The campaign is interesting and connects well with the brand but the app appears a little dull to me. There needs to be more activity, more conversation, more buzz. Featuring some refreshing photographs of Cinthol in the backdrop would be a good idea too.