Social Media Campaign Review: Louis Philippe's Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe

Nirali Hingwala
Oct 26, 2012 09:30 IST
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Social Media Campaign Review: Louis Philippe's Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe

Louis Philippe, a leader in Indian supreme premium apparel market has developed a campaign ‘The Mystery of the stolen wardrobe’ which offers a totally new and exciting consumer experience.


The objective of the campaign is to showcase and promote Louis Philippe's new Autumn Winter Collection and generate buzz around it.


The application has an old mysterious feel and look, with light background music. It opens up with a message “Solve this mystery and find your way to the new Autumn Winter 2012 collection.”

One lucky winner stands a chance to win a two nights 3 days trip to London for a couple. 25 top scorers also win exclusive Louis Philippe vouchers.

A " target="_blank">YouTube Video is embedded which has the prologue of the mystery, showing a thief stealing an exclusive collection from the wardrobe.

mystery wardrobe

The application also has an integrated product display with an embedded link that lands to a slide show of the Louis Philippe's Winter Autumn collection.

Louis Philippe

The fictional plot revolves around robbery of the exclusive Louis Philippe winter collection from the wardrobe. Participants take on the role of Sherlock Holmes and investigate the case by closely looking at the clues.

Users have to unlock different levels by solving clues like tracing the mud on the footprints, decoding a secret Morse code message and observing objects with the magnifying glass.

Morse Code

To unlock the fourth level, one has to call a real phone number to find the next clue, giving the user a feel and experience of being a detective. An automated answering machine gives a secret code that successfully opens a safe vault.

mystery of the stolen wardrobe

The whole investigation  uncovers the trail leading to the thief of the stolen wardrobe. The total time taken to solve the mystery is recorded and the fasted 25 players get a place on the leaderboard.



Mystery of the stolen wardrobe is one of the most engaging and interactive Facebook applications in recent times. The design, look and feel of the application is simply superb!

It has an interesting story-line and the ability to investigate the crime scene for clues and analyze those clues gives the user a feel and experience of being a detective.

The campaign goes beyond showcasing the new collection; it also subtly promotes the brand’s exclusiveness. The Butler stealing his master’s collection reinforces the aspirational image of the brand.

A slideshow of the Winter Collection is a great way of integrating product display in the game play. Moreover, the integration of a phone call in the campaign is a great way to keep track of the game play and can also be used by the brand to build a user database that they can target via SMS marketing. And it adds up to the feel of being a detective.

The contest is heavily promoted on the Louis Philippe Facebook Page. One of the best things about the game is that it can be played repeatedly, so you can improve your on score. Starkly simple, the campaign is running successfully.

Scope of Improvement:

Since the contest runs from 17th October to 10th November it could have added some thing more to the game play, may be extra levels to keep the users engaged for a longer time. And no matter how many times you play the game, the answers remain the same.

While it states that the first score will be taken into account, and has a leader board where players are ranked according to their time taken to solve the mystery; it also states that the grand prize will be given by a panel of judges. Thus making it a bit ambiguous because the fastest solver may not necessarily win the grand prize.

Also, the Adobe Flash Player makes the game play a little slower.


Overall, The Mystery of the Stolen Wardrobe is a simple but interesting campaign. The phone call is the masterstroke! The look and feel of the game and its integration with their collection makes it a win!

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