Social Media Campaign Review: Monster India Social Media Speedster Contest

social media speedster


This Social Media Speedster is being conducted on Monster India Facebook homepage but it provides equal publicity to Monster and the Marussia Formula 1 team as Monster as its official sponsor.

The objective of the Social Media Speedster campaign s to find a social media evangelist who will win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved with the Formula 1 event.


This is a dream come true for a Formula 1 fan. Up for grabs are a Grand Prix ticket no less, along with the chance to interview the Marussia team members and interact with fans.

Very cleverly, covering the team events with photos and videos as part of the prize, so the brand gets a bonus payoff. A 40 second video entices you to enter the contest with compelling visuals of the sport.

Social media speedster

The Social Media Speedster contest essentially tests your social media communication skills – the ability to express well with words and make something viral. Participants can demonstrate these skills using Facebook and Twitter.

They need to express why they think they should win and what makes them a Marussia fan through tweets, posts, blogs, essays and videos. Of course, not all of these are mandatory and the idea is to popularize whatever you do.

The last date for entries is 10th October 2012, after which shortlisted participants will undergo a telephonic interview.

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This is quite an open-ended contest. While participants have to tweet about why they are a Marussia fan, and choose from a blog, video or essay. They do have quite a few options about the way they express their love for Formula 1.

Add to that the fact that the Social Media Speedster campaign makes equal use of Facebook, Twitter, and sites providing blogging and video facilities and you have a brilliantly multifaceted social media campaign.

Scope for Improvement

From a brand standpoint, the objective of this campaign is not clear. Why would Monster India, a recruitment portal wish to associate itself with a sports event? Is it the ambiguously common idea of ‘speed’? If so, I doubt that it will attract job seekers much.

Monster India Social Media Speedster

Secondly, the prize looks more like a job offer, only with no commitment. So you get to be a social media expert for Marussia. Would that really attract a sports fan? Only the minor slice that adores both sports and social media.