Social Media Campaign Review: The Unbound Traveler

the unbound traveler

The Unbound Traveler campaign is run by ‘The Backpacker Co‘ – India’s first EXPERIENTIAL company specializing in taking travelers on informal, informative and extremely fun trips around the world.


Engage users and encourage them to share their travel experiences.


When the The Unbound Traveler Facebook application opens up it has a nice illustration and a quote “Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one less traveled” “Share your travel escapades and memoirs”

The app is a basic questionnaire app about the travelogues of adventurers.  It reminds me so much of the “Slam Books” we used to circulate in school.

User’s profile picture is displayed besides his/her name. There were a number of questions. Users can also share their travels blogs and photos

Few travel tales are featured every week

the unbound traveler


The application is great way for people to share their travel memories. And is an excellent platform for the brand to associate itself with those memories.

Moreover, it helps the Backpacker Co to understand their target audience’s likes, dislikes and preferences. It helps them to do a mini market research and find a hidden travel destinations that people would want to explore

Scope of improvement

A user is allowed to fill a questionnaire only once. One cannot edit the answers in a questionnaire or fill it up once again. They could have allowed using it a multiple times.

The application could have been more innovative and interactive. For example – pin up your favorite destination on the map, or show your travel route, use Facebook Places, leave “must try tips”, “did this” tips, tag your fellow adventurers etc.