Facebook Lets Users View all The Page Updates Through Pages Feed

Some time in September, a lot of page managers (including me) noticed a steep drop in the reach of their page updates. In some cases, the drop was more than 50%.

Facebook attributed this to an edge rank algorithm update which was aimed towards decluttering the news feeds of the users. This meant that fewer page updates were seen by users and hence, less reach.

But just some time back, I noticed that users now get an option to view Pages Feed on their sidebar. According to Facebook, the tab displays all the recent updates from the pages you have subscribed to.

While one can say that Facebook is doing a good job of providing users an exclusive page to consume the content from businesses, I doubt anyone will click on the tab.

To de-clutter my news feed, I have segregated several of my pages in so many lists but have never bothered to look at them once they were out of my news feed. May be it is because of the fact that the news feed itself has so much content that it saturates people. So much so that they are tired to look for more content to consume.

I am not sure if I should be very excited about this as a page owner, but I can at least be hopeful that there is some place where users can see all my page updates. Albeit buried amongst all the other pages the user has ‘liked’.

facebook pages feed

Moreover, the page updates are displayed randomly and are certainly not recent. From what I can see, it is showing updates from those pages on the top with whom I interact the most.

Looks like there’s some other algorithm working here. Sigh!