How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

twitter chat

A Twitter chat is a guided group conversation that takes place on Twitter where users interested in a particular topic share thoughts and discuss ideas.

It utilizes a dedicated hash tag, so that participants can easily identify and participate in the chat.

Twitter chats are an excellent opportunity to increase your own influence. If you have not tried it, now is definitely a good time to start. Here are a few tips:

1. Hunt

The chats are usually scheduled at a specific time and often repeat weekly or bi-weekly or only at announced times. Hunt for a chat that interests you and get going!

Here is a running Google Document that records Twitter chat schedule to help Twitter users find chats that may be of interest to them.

2. Lend an Ear

Before you join the chat, lurk before you leap. Pass an eye over the theme of the chat and conversations happening around the tag. Do not jump right in and start posting until you get an idea about the members, their conversational style is etc

Check if there is a host or a featured guest who moderates the chat. Usually, the guest or the host asks a series of questions. Go through the questions that have been posted.

3. Show Up Prepared

Research beforehand about the topic to be discussed before you show up for the chat.

4. Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself in the Twitter chat so people know who you are, what expertise do you have that you are willing to share with them.

Initiate a conversation such that your potential clientele, partners and employers can relate to and would look forward to connect with you. Affirm your commitment to participate in the discussion.

5. Join in

Flaunt Your Expertise, this is no place to be shy! Keep your eyes open for opportunities where you can help answer other people’s questions or concerns. Give insightful responses that addresses people’s questions.

In order to participate in the chat, all of your tweets should include the appropriate hash tag so everyone can be in on the conversation. Follow the question and answer format if they are using one.

You can also retweet people who you think made a great point or who asked a question you would like to see answered. React to other’s responses, create side conversations, follow up and build your network.

Consequently, Twitter chats give you a great scope to establish yourself as a thought leader.

6. Follow up

After the chat, do not forget to send a thank you note to the host for putting in efforts to arrange for the chat. Express your appreciation to let them know that you found it valuable.

Follow the people you enjoyed interacting with. This helps keep the conversation going and strengthens your network. You can also reiterate the points you made in the chat and bring up any new points that you forgot to put across.

You can also use chat tools such as TweetChat to make participating easy. On Tweetchat you can simply login with your Twitter account, enter the Twitter hashtag and you see what everyone using that hashtag is saying.

It also automatically tags all your tweets with the hashtag so you can focus on the chat.

Twitter chats are an excellent opening pass to meet new people, increase your own influence and gain valuable insight on a particular topic.  You can flaunt your expertise in the content rich Twitter community.  It will certainly add value to to your skills.

If you are looking for chats to get involved with, here are a few social media chats that might interest you:

#SamosaChats: Social Samosa’s very own Twitter chat hashtag where we discuss and assist people with their questions about social media. You can read more about our past twitter chats here.

#blogchat: Offers advice on how to better your blog. Takes place on Sunday nights from 8 to 9pm CT.

#socialmedia: A chat all about using social media. Takes place every Tuesday at noon EST.

#SocialChats Taking a featured guest and “putting them on the hot seat.” Participants drive the conversation by asking questions and engaging with the guest.

#CmgrChat – If you are a community manager, or are looking to become one, this is the place for you. Every week on Wednesdays at 2pm EST for one hour.

#linkedinchat – Conversing about ways to use the LinkedIn platform, associated applications, and other social media platforms to improve results on LinkedIn. Tuesday at 8pm ET

#mmchat – Featuring a special guest who discusses a relevant social media topic and answers questions from participants. Mondays at 9pm ET. How to Play Baccarat Rules + Infographic