LinkedIn Introduces Power Profiles 2012

Today LinkedIn is more than just finding jobs. It’s about connecting to like-minded professionals, about presenting yourself professionally, and also sharing your knowledge which all adds up to your professional growth.

The world’s largest networking site for professionals, LinkedIn, after unveiling a fresh look to the LinkedIn profiles, for the first time has launched Power Profiles of 2012 . Power profiles are the most viewed professionals on LinkedIn in India for the year 2012 who have invested in building their professional identity on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a dedicated site where you can check out the LinkedIn Power Profile of 2012. You can view the Power profiles by industries like Internet, Advertising, Technology, Finance, etc. Power Profile enables you to see their detailed profile and also connect with them.

Some of the Power Profiles include names like Mahesh Murthy, Virginia Sharma, Ambika Sharma, Sachin Bansal, Prabir Jha, Ronita Mitra and others.

Along with the Power Profiles, the site also provides some helpful tips to build an effective profile, videos, demo of the new LinkedIn profile and also a chance to you to build one.

Featured Image By: LinkedIn