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Social Media Agency Feature: Tonic Media

Who are we?

Everyone has a story. Tonic Media has one too. Our story started in 2005 with a single PC for a workstation, an eager want to revolutionize the digital world and two passionate people to head the company.

In the last 7 years, Tonic has evolved time and again and continued to deliver exceptional work for brands all over the world. After serving a shot of tonic to over 200 clients in 18 countries, our story must be pinned in the digital 'Hall of Fame'! We love all things digital.

The web is our playground and we create experiences that are meaningfully digital. 46 tonickers play a major role in the story while the lead characters are our super cool bosses Chetan and Samir Asher (CEO and COO, Tonic Media).

Tonic Media Team

What's in the name?

Tonic is a remedy to every problem. Keep taking a dose of our Tonic and problems will be far at bay!! That's our motto. Just like the name we believe that every problem has a solution. And the solution of your problem is Tonic.

From creative designs to thought-over content, together we fit every bit of the jig-saw puzzle, to craft an engaging online experience for your customers. Leave your anxiety, dilemma, hindrance with us and we'll come up with a Tonic that will cure your complications.

What we do?

We have produced some of the most innovative and breakthrough, conceptual designs, content and campaigns in the digital medium that have by far exceeded expectations.

With an approach that is highly collaborative and outcomes that are result of real conversations with our clients, at Tonic Media we love taking on challenges and positioning our clients as leaders in their field. We take our client's message closer to their target audience, setting up a platform for their business that opens prospective avenues worldwide.

Exact services you are into ?

Web development, Search engine optimization, online advertising and campaign management, social media optimization, copywriting, mobile solutions and marketing, interactive virals and presentations and pay per click advertising.

Why we do it?

We love the digital medium, we love crafting engaging experiences and have lot of fun doing it.

Reasons for entering the industry?

There was clearly a gap for someone who would tailor digital solutions for clients instead of offering standard solutions for all. Tonic never pushes a platform to a client if it doesn’t fit their objectives. We truly partner with them to tailor a highly customized solution.

How we evolve?

Since we do significant work out of the country, we spot global trends early and adapt them for our clients. Digital is an ever evolving medium and each day there is something new that we embrace.

Social responsibility in social media

Whenever there is a crisis we activate our twitter account to spread the reach to our followers, connect with our clients and carry out initiatives that can be done. We have only one printer in office that too controlled by the accounts department so we don't misuse paper with unnecessary printing!

Need of the hour

The digital medium needs to be further evangelised and agencies and clients collectively need to go beyond likes and followers and tap into all the strengths that the medium offers. Its time that we start having a real converstaion with users on social media.

Your clients

McDonald's India, Baskin Robbins, Mickey Mehta, TBZ the Original, Bonnington Towers, Apollo Munich, NBA, Kissan are worth the mention among many others.

Industry as we foresee

We believe that the industry is growing at a rate of 30% in this sector.

A day without Internet

We would go on a PICNIC!

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