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Cadbury celebrations

This Diwali, Cadbury Celebrations  is shining through with some unique ideas that add to the joy of celebration! Here's an amazing campaign by Cadbury Celebrations - India Celebrates, that takes customer delight to a different level!


Cadbury Celebrations is positioning itself a brand that is spreading joy! It is taking a moment to thank all those who remain unappreciated for most part of the year. Catching up with the festive spirit, Cadbury Celebrations is trying to connect to the Indian market by integrating its online and offline campaigns 'Iss Diwali Aap Kisse Khush Karenge?


The application allows users are invited to wish their loved ones across the country especially those who are working or far from their family, those who are all alone or just not celebrating Diwali to the fullest.

Gift a Diwali

One can select friends from their Facebook friend list and send them Diwali wishes. There is a counter on the side showing the number of people using the application. As of now 12,376 wishes have been sent which is a very good number and it's increasingly going viral!

cadbury celebrations Diwali

India Celebrates

 There is also a virtual mail box to keep a track of the Greetings Sent to and Received by friends

Cadburry India Celebrates


With this campaign, Cadbury not only stimulates engagement but also cultivates and cherishes brand loyalty. It is giving a memorable, joyous experience to its target audience by becoming a part of of their endearing relationships.

Cadbury is also attempting to subtly promote the Celebrations range to the mithai loving Indian market as a typical gift for a festive occasion.

The application is well constructed and articulately integrated with the other marketing efforts by Cadburry.

The same concept is also promoted on other Social Media platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

Scope of Improvement:

The concept and the  execution of the campaign is so emotional that there hardly seems to be a scope of improvement that I can think of. It is just so good!

Cadbury is encouraging its set of audience to catch up with their loved ones with little joys that we keep overlooking for the remaining part of the year. It is making its customers feel touched by its generosity. In my opinion its is a win win campaign!

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