Social Media Campaign Review: Cointreau India – Cocktails and Closet Contest

Cocktails and Closet is a word maze contest run by Cointreau India on the brand’s Facebook Page.


With the Cocktails and Closet contest, Cointreau India attempts to increase their interaction with users  and increase the  perception of the brand’s image as classy and upmarket.


As soon as you open the application, a bright color scheme with graphics representing the brand’s essence and style, grabs the viewer’s attention. The contest challenges you to find words from a maze in order to stand a chance to meet American burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese, and win goodies as well.

cointreau India - Cocktails and Closet Contest

Once you click on the ‘Play Now’ button,  a new window opens up with a set of instructions which you need to read before starting to play the contest.

 Cointreau India - Cocktails and Closet Contest

After you press ‘Continue’, your time starts and a set of words you need to find in the maze appear. You can take as much time as you want to complete the contest. However, you must try to find the words as quickly as you can if you want to win a chance to meet Dita Von Teese.

 Cointreau India - Cocktails and Closet Contest

When you complete the maze, your score will be displayed. You can also see the scores of other people by viewing the Leader Board. You can try to complete the maze as many times as you want.

 Cointreau India - Cocktails and Closet Contest


The app is very simple to use and is a great way for Cointreau India to position itself as an upmarket brand by using words pertaining to a luxurious lifestyle in the maze.

As Cointreau India’s objective is to increase brand engagement, there is no fixed limit to the number of times an individual can participate in the contest.

Although the words remain the same, the orientation of the words changes every time the maze opens. So each time you play, you have to put in a fresh effort to find all the words. In this way, the contest does not become monotonous.

The brand is effectively marketing the app on their Facebook Page with daily updates about the contest.

Scope Of Improvement:

It is very basic in nature, and could be made more interesting by adding more levels to the maze.


It is a highly engaging app for users. Cointreau India is doing a great job of establishing itself as a classy brand through a simple word maze challenge. The well-known rule is a glance at all.