Social Media Campaign Review: Femina’s Rewind and Relish



The Objective of the Rewind and Relish campaign is to form a deeper bond with its user base by resonating with their emotional core.


The application opens up with a message inviting users to slow down with Femina, relax, reflect and express a moment in their life they wish could be re-winded and relished.

Users could submit their entries with their contact details and Femina gives 3 lucky fans a chance to relive that moment.

rewind and relish

All the entries submitted can be viewed in the campaign application.

Femina rewind and relish entries


In a hypercompetitive, global marketplace where functional parameters have ceased to be meaningful differentiators for customers to choose one brand over the other, Femina is trying to provide value beyond functional benefits.

The campaign helps to establish the user’s identity by serving as a link with their past self. It elicits emotional bonds of warmth, passion or other strong emotion within its consumers.

Nostalgia is a strong emotion that every grown-up adult feels. Femina has done a good job of making its audience nostalgic, thus scoring extra points by forming a deeper emotional bond with them.

The brand is also doing adequate promotions on its Twitter channel.

And by aiming to fulfill the unfulfilled wishes, Femina is giving the biggest of prizes away. Imagine the customer delight!

Move away surprise gifts and gift vouchers!

Scope of improvement:

One can only submit her entry only once which leaves no scope to use the application again and again. The criteria for winning is unclear. It is not mentioned, on what basis the winners will be chosen.

In my opinion, the campaign is doing a great job in spreading customer delight. After all, a delighted customer would be more loyal to a brand than a satisfied customer.