Social Media Campaign Review: HomeShop18’s Land of Luck


The Land of Luck campaign aims to engage the user in an extended gameplay in order to strengthen HomeShop18’s brand positioning as the leading online shopping destination.

land of luck


You can either participate through their Land of Luck microsite or use their Facebook app. If you’re using the microsite, you will need to login either via Google or Facebook.

The campaign is divided into 4 levels with prizes to be won for each and every one of them:

  1. Lane of Luck
  2. Mall of Luck
  3. Jackpot
  4. International trip

Land of Luck

Lane of Luck:

lane of luck

The first level of the campaign (which is now concluded, but you can still play) acquaints you with the campaign. You are required to walk through a lane and collect the lucky charms that you come across. Your walk through the lane will be timed and your score will decide the winner. To garner more points, you can also giveaway the ‘lucky charms’ to your friends and invite them to play the game.

The prizes for this level have already been distributed.

Mall of Luck:

mall of luck

The second level of this campaign is really impressive. In this level, you are given a list of items and you are required to shop for them them within the Mall of Luck. You will be provided a shopping trolley and you need to move your mouse left or right to skim through the mall looking for the items in your list.

mall of luck - trolley

Again, you will be timed for your shopping if you want to go to the next level and win prizes. The prizes for this level are iPads and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Once you shop for all the items, you will be offered another chance to increase your score. You can go to and paste the link of a particular product of your interest and paste it below the respective item category. So if one of the items in your list is a Pressure Cooker, you can go the website and paste link of you any pressure cooker model which you like.

mall of luck - product url

The more you score, the better are your chances of winning prizes.


land of luck - jackpot

Once you cross the level 2, you can put in your name in the Jackpot to win cool prizes. Submitting your name in the jackpot also acts as your entry for the level 4.

International Trip:

land of luck - fly international

This is the final level of the campaign which is still locked. It will be a 6-hour activity where a question will be asked and the user to has to login to the Land of Luck and answer it. The answer with most votes will win an Internetional Holiday!


The campaign also involves 2 fillers.

  1. This is Network 18: In this, you will be shown a video and you need to find out the total number of times the Network18 logo was displayed during the entire duration of it.
  2. Fly International: This will be crowdsourced activity wherein the users will decide the destination for the International Holiday winner. The choices will be Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


The best thing about the campaign are the graphics. They are really catchy and highly engrossing. The gameplay itself is interesting and keeps you engaged for a far longer duration. I like the way how each levels are unfolding one after the other.

HomeShop18 has done a great job at increasing the viral quotient of this campaign by enabling the participants to increase their scores by inviting them to join the campaign.

Another masterstroke is they way how HomeShop18 has made the brand connect in level 2, Mall of Luck. By giving the users a feel of shopping within the HomeShop18 Mall and then asking them to go to HomeShop18’s site and browse for the products is really ingenious.

The ‘This is Network18’ filler also connects the Network18 perspective and promotes the brand.

The campaign has been running successfully for the past few weeks and 20245 people have played the game on the microsite till now. Even the Facebook app is buzzing with 14000 and more participants. Goes to show how interesting the campaign is.

Last but not the least: the prizes. The prizes given away are not your usual gift hampers. They really attractive. The level 1 winner has been given a Plasma TV while the the prizes for level 2 are iPads and Samsung Galaxy S3. And the final winner can go for an International Holiday! So the prizes are definitely mouth-watering to say the least.


Overall, the campaign is highly engaging. The gameplay is interesting and the brand will surely benefit a great deal from it.

Give its Facebook app a whirl or play it on their microsite, and share your review with us in the comments below.