Social Media Campaign Review: Philips John and Kaun Contest


The objective of the John and Kaun Contest campaign is to encourage users to buy Philips male grooming products in order to win the contest. The online campaign is also a part of the brand’s offline marketing strategy, and gives its fans a chance to be featured as the face of Phillips and endorse the brand.


To participate in the contest and stand a chance to win, you must first ‘Like’ the Philips India page. One must also purchase a Philips male grooming kit. The winner gets a chance to be the face of Philips along with John, as well as a free lunch  and a movie voucher for two people.

The application opens with a small introductory video from John which explains how to participate in and win the contest. It also entices the participant with a billboard of John and the winning  contestant.

Philips John and Kaun contest

The contest is a photo upload contest where the user has to upload the photo of his groomed by the philips grooming kit. You can choose to upload a webcam picture of yourself, your Facebook profile picture, or a photo from your PC to see your face next to John Abraham.

Participants have to enter their product key any time before the contest ends to complete their participation.

Each applicant can submit as many contest entries as they want.  Philips India has been running a series of posts on its Facebook page to promote the contest .

john aur kaun app

An internal panel shall judge the John and Kaun contest and the winning contestant shall get an opportunity to be featured with John on the billboard.

Philips John Abraham


It is a well designed app with a better interface than most contest applications.

The campaign connects with its right target group – the young male demographic. The campaign engages its consumers  to create a post purchase brand recall.

As users who have purchased Phillips male grooming products have to enter their ‘product key’ in the app in order to take part in the contest, it helps the brand to keep an eye on sales figures.

The integration of Philips’ online and offline marketing media maintains a consistency between the two areas. Customers are able to recognize the campaign clearly, no matter where they come across it. Both the marketing campaigns also cross-reference each other, which gives the brand the advantage of reaching their entire audience.

Scope of Improvement:

The option to upload the image file was not working all the time, despite many attempts. In addition, the background music could have been much better. The same piece of music was played repeatedly which sounded a bit monotonous and was, at times, exasperating.  As a result, the campaign message which is announced  through John Abraham’s voice seemed a bit unclear.

The contest does not have a definite end date at the time of writing this review.  It started on November 1st and today, on November 12th, has only 128 entries which is too less for a brand like Philips. Although the campaign is well integrated, a better job could have been done in marketing it.

Overall, it is a well designed, well integrated campaign which could have been promoted in a much better way!