Social Media Campaign Review: Reliance Trends’ Fashion Vs Expensura

Reliance Trends


The objective of the Fashion Vs Expensura campaign is to showcase Reliance Trends as a pocket-friendly yet fashion-forward brand, and to maximize their sales during the festive season.


Users have to ‘Like’ the page and follow on-screen instructions to play the game and participate in the contest. Participants stand a chance to win gift vouchers!

Reliance Trends

In the game, contestants earn points for shooting ExpenSura and lose points for killing ‘fashion’. One has to try to score as many points as possible in 60 seconds.

fashion Vs expensura

In the next stage, one has to complete the slogan “I would like to be fashionable this festive season because…” in order to win a gift voucher.

Reliance Trends fashion Vs Expensura


Fashion Vs Expensura clearly conveys its message that at Reliance Trends, fashion always triumphs over expense with no need to compromise on style.

The game shows pictures of fashion apparel for men, women and children thus illustrating the brand’s identity. The app is also heavily promoted, resulting in 4,000 monthly users.

Asking contestants to complete the slogan gives the brand an insight to what the customer thinks about the brand and fashion in general. Reliance Trends can use the collection of slogans as research for future marketing campaigns as well.

As the campaign was launched during the festive season, it boosts the recall value of Reliance Trends as a good bargain. People will remember that all the clothes they bought were fashionable yet affordable.

Scope  of Improvement:

When it comes to judging the winners, it hasn’t been made clear as to how much weightage is given to the shooting game and the slogan. Thus, leaving contestants in the dark.

Also, participants are allowed to play the game only once, with no chance to improve their scores.

Even though the game appears simple, the campaign is overall well-executed. It successfully conveys its message that you too can add to your wardrobe without adding to your debt!