Social Media Campaign Review: Small Wonders 2 Contest by AEGON Religare

small wonders 2


The objective of this contest is to promote Child Insurance plans by AEGON Religare.


The AEGON Religare Small Wonders 2 Contest gives parents the platform to showcase their child’s unique talent.

Parents are asked to upload pictures/videos of their child’s talent using the participate section provided on the contest tab along with their name, contact number and caption for the picture/video.

AEGON Religare Life Small Wonders 2

They can upload a snap shot or a video of their child drawing or painting, singing, dancing, mimicking, crafts, etc.

The entries are put to vote, winners of the contest will be chosen based on a combination of votes garnered by a child and an internal panel of judges.

AEGON religare

The entry with the most number of votes stands to win  Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPod Touch, Sony Playstation Portable and 5 Snapdeal Vouchers worth Rs. 500/- each.


Consumers don’t want to be hit over the head with marketing messages. Thus, the small wonder contest is subtly communicating its strong message that that every child is talented and parents should nurture their child’s talent by planning a secure future for them.

The contest gives birth to a lot of user-generated content leaving a great opportunity to share content that will drive greater engagement.

It has a scope to drive greater virality, with participants incentivized to share their entries and voters taking an active role in the outcome.

By employing a set of predefined judging criteria, AEGON Religare is able to retain some discretion. It is smartly avoiding vote-swapping and other tricks to try to win the contest.

In addition, AEGON Religare is using all its social media channels to promote the contest efficiently.

Scope of improvement:

There are spam participants who have uploaded irrelevant pictures. Moreover, the application can be used only once leaving less scope for more engagement.

Public voting is something I would encourage because it gives momentum to virality. Small Wonders 2 Contest by AEGON Religare is a well integrated campaign which subtly delivers the right message to the right set of audience.