Social Media Campaign Review: Society Tea’s Ragasthan Campaign

Society Tea has started a new contest which simultaneously promotes the Ragasthan festival and the tea brand by encouraging users to share their personal travel experiences and win free passes to the event.


The objective of the campaign is to connect Tea and Traveling and to promote the Ragasthan event by letting users share their most exciting travel experiences.


When the Society Tea App opens up, viewers can see an attractive picture of the Rajasthan desert at night with a headline that calls the users to participate in the contest.

Winners of the contest will receive free passes to the 3-day event in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The deadline for participation is 12th November,2012. 


Society Tea - Add a Story

In order to participate, you have to ‘Like’ the Society Tea Facebook page to ‘Add A Story’. When submitting the story, you must title it, describe your experience, mention the location and when the trip was taken, and upload atleast one image taken during the travel experience.

Add a story - Society Tea

The application allows you to Like, Comment on and Share the story on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can also post your story via Twitter using the #nlBrandNewDay hashtag.


It is a very interactive campaign as it allows users to share, like and comment on many stories shared by different people. The stories are displayed interestingly and attractively by using pictures, and as the experiences shared are all unique, it adds a personal touch to the campaign.

Society Tea Story

The app is well promoted on the brand’s Facebook wall with regular updates about the campaign. The contest is not just for Facebook users. The brand has also effectively integrated Twitter to allow more people to share their stories.

Scope of Improvement

While sharing experiences does add a personal touch to the campaign, this is something that every brand does. It has lost its charm and there is no uniqueness to it anymore.
Moreover, it is somewhat difficult to relate tea (a beverage associated with relaxing) with adventure. The brand connect seems slightly off track here.