Social Media Campaign Review: Surf Excel’s Fulfill a Wish

surf excel


The objective of Fulfil a Wish campaign is to effectively use social media to amplify the voice of Surf Excel India’s  social responsibility initiatives.


Surf Excel is leveraging social media to encourage spontaneous and innovative ways to help others.

Surf has collaborated with International Justice Mission (IJM) and India Guide Star, a fully searchable Indian online database of NGOs that allows users to find and connect to 40,000+ NGOs across the country.

The campaign has made it easy for users to reach out to needy children in various NGOs. One can connect with the NGO closest to their location, call them and check if what they want to give is what they need.

Users have to fill in their name, email address and mobile number to register. A number of wishes like colourful teddy, doll, sweater, salwar kameez, running shoes, tiffin box, bag, etc. have been enlisted.

Surf Excel India Fulfill a wish

One can click on a wish to know more details  about it. These wishes are elaborated with the name and age of the child, details of the NGO, and ways to reach them. One can note down the NGO details and push Fulfill wish button

Surf Excel Fulfill a wish

The application also segregates the wishes near to the location of the users. One can also pledge a wish, and mark it completed when done.

Fulfill a wish

You can invite your friends to do the same and support the cause by using a pic badge.


Such causes are contagious, and social media can trigger a viral chain  to maximize its impact. Wearing a pic badge also helps in spreading the word about the cause. Also, the campaign is generating content that users would want to share.

The campaign is well promoted on other platforms. Not only the concept, but also the interface, design, look and feel of the application is up to the mark which earns it extra brownie points!

Scope of Improvement

The Call-To-Action could have been better. Instead of just asking people to ‘Invite’ or ‘Share’, they could used phrases such as ‘Encourage Your Friends to Join the Cause’ or ‘Share with Your Friends Your Support in This Noble Cause’. It’s time we moved away from the Share/Invite template buttons.

Also, the campaign would have been a lot more relevant had it been organized during the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ in October.


In my opinion, The Surf Excel Fulfill a Wish campaignis a Win-Win! After all, building and strengthening a sense of a community is the fundamental purpose of social media.