Vodafone India: Most Engaging Facebook Page for October 2012

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With the growing acceptance of the social media space in India, brands have accepted social media as an important part of their marketing communication strategies.

Social media in the recent past has played an important role in helping brands to reach out to their audience in the most effective way for both existing and prospective customers. Especially Facebook with 61 million users in India itself has the maximum reach, as it’s the most understood and used platforms.

Facebook today is a platform used by brands to engage with their audience and build a personal connect with their audience. The engagement on social media works in similar lines to that of human relationships.

Most brands are highly active online during the festive season and telecom brands lead the chart of being the most active brands on social media during this period.

The reason for this being dynamic and highly competitive nature of the telecom industry where one of the most important factors driving the business is visibility.

Just taking into consideration the report published by SocialBakers in October 2012 out of the top 10 brands based on the number of fans on social media 5 are brands related to the telecom industry.

Similarly in the month of October saw five telecom brands ranked in the top 10 in terms of growth of theirs followers on their brand page. Vodafone ranks among the top three brands on 3 parameters which defines the influence of a brand on Facebook.

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