6 Tips for Using Twitter #Hashtags Effectively

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6 Tips for Using Twitter #Hashtags Effectively

One of the most unique and important aspects of Twitter is the use of Hashtags. Hashtags - also called #hashtags - allow Twitter users to tag their tweets to provide context to their tweets or designate them as being part of a particular conversation. Twitter hashtags not only help spread information on Twitter but also help to organize the information.

Think of hashtags as the SEO of Twitter. When you search for a particular hashtag, you will find all tweets using that same hashtag and therefore, people interested in that “keyword” or topic. With a little research, you can find hashtags relevant to your industry and use them for your benefit.

You can use hashtags in your marketing campaign to build a temporary community, create a buzz, or start a discussion around a particular topic.  Hashtags and their effective use can be complicated, but are essential to your company’s social media marketing plan.

Here are some tips on how to use Twitter hashtags effectively:

1. Identify Hashtags:

It is essential to search for the appropriate hashtags relevant to your industry. You can do this using Twitter tools like to make this process somewhat easier. You can also start your own hashtags. Narrow the focus of your keyword to exactly what you want to discuss on Twitter will help make conversations around your hashtag more useful to people.

2. Keep it Simple:

When creating your hashtag, keep it short and simple so it can be easy for your followers to remember, retweet and comment on.

If your hashtag includes two or more words, it’s a good idea to capitalize each word’s initial letter. For example, if I want to create a hashtag for ‘MumbaiElections’ I would use #MumbaiElections. This makes the hashtag more legible. You can also check to make sure your hashtag isn’t already in use.

3. Keep it Branded:

A lot of brands come up with random hashtags that are generic in nature are unrelated to what the brand is doing. Try to keep your hashtags branded so that when people come across interesting tweets involving those hashtags, they come to know which brand it is related to.

4. Avoid over using it:

Don’t make use of more than 2 – 3 hashtags per tweet. It will look spammy and may get ignored. Place hashtags at the end of the tweet so that followers can easily read and understand and avoid interruptions while reading.

5. Use event hashtags and live tweeting:

If you are attending any industry conference or event, tweet using the official hashtag and participate in the conversation. It is a great way to gain visibility and develop relationship on Twitter using hashtags.

Even if you are not attending an event, you can connect with others using an event or industry hashtags.

6. Participate in Twitter Chats:

Like live tweeting at events, participating in twitter chats also offers great opportunity to gain additional exposure, connect and build relationships with potential influencers and contribute to a conversation.

You can also create your own Twitter Chats.

Bonus Tip:

Monitor the Conversation

Often listening is the best way to gain insights into how to participate. Monitor hashtags to see what your industry, competition and key influencers are saying surrounding a topic. It will help you construct better tweets and use suitable hashtags.

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