Announcing The Launch of Social Samosa Forum: Ask All What You Want To Know About Social Media

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Announcing The Launch of Social Samosa Forum: Ask All What You Want To Know About Social Media

Social Samosa is excited to announce the launch of our discussion forum, Ask - a place where the social media professionals can come together and help each other out.

In the last few months we realized that the Indian social media community needs a space where it can come together and talk. We get a lot of mails and also individual Tweets/DMs asking for help. Which is why we present to you: Ask.SocialSamosa.Com

Ask is a forum where you can come together to learn and share knowledge on social media. Ask your social media queries here to expand your knowledge and answer social media queries to help the ecosystem grow.

How Can I Use Ask?

Go to our Discussion Forum and click on the 'Submit a Question' button to ask any question you want. Your registration and login has been made easier by Google and Facebook integration.

Why Should I Use Ask?

For the Novice

If you are someone who's just started his social media journey, following is how you should use Ask:

  • Ask Questions: Don't be shy on asking questions. It doesn't matter if the questions are too basic or not. Always remember, there are no wrong questions.
  • Add up on someone else's questions: If someone has asked a question and you feel you can add to it, please feel free. Those who know the answers will happily answer yours and original poster's query.
  • Read. Read. Read: Sometimes, it is not necessary that you ask or answer questions. You can gain a lot of knowledge from simply reading other people's discussions as well.

For the Intermediates and Experts

  • Ask Questions: Not just the novices, there are times when even the wise folks need to ask questions. So don't be afraid in sharing your queries and concerns. Rest assured that the industry will come together and help you out. We're a helpful bunch, aren't we?
  • Establish Your Authority: We can't assert the fact enough that answering questions establishes you as an authority. And on Ask, we are sure there will be many folks whom you can help by answering their queries. The more you answer, the more authority you gain. You don't want to lose out on such an opportunity, do you?

Simple Ground Rule

Don't spam. You can do a little bit of self-promotion but please don't go overboard. We want Ask to be a place where serious brainstorming happens. Not a place where people pimp their services.

So what are you waiting for? Click here and start 'Ask'ing right away!

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