Interesting way of using Facebook Albums

Bombay blue has made a smart move by doing something new for their ‘Make Your Own Pizza’ promotion. It  tried to use something which is not used by many on a Social platform like Facebook – The Stop motion technique.

On its Facebook page, Bombay Blue created an album which lets you to make your own ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ Pizzas. All you need to do is to click on the first image of the album, follow the instructions and make your own Pizzas, Gangnam Style!

Make Your Pizza  Gangnam Style

You keep on pressing the right arrow key, you can see PSY doing the Gangnam moves and preparing your pizza. And continuing the same lets you complete your Gangnam Style Pizza.

Bombay Blue Make Your Pizza  Gangnam Style

This smart move by Bombay Blue received a good number of positive response. The same kind of technique has also been used by Gelato Italiano to promote its Flavour Festival which also garnered a good response.

It increases brand awareness as well as recall value as it is remembered for doing something different from others. Both the brands have very innovatively used the already existing features of Facebook without using any third party app to do something out of the box.

Bombay Blue’s use of PSY’s Gangnam Style, which is already very viral on social media, gave a boost to this idea. The stop motion technique created by making use of the photo albums gives more plus point to the brand as sharing albums can increase its virality.

Social Media is evolving day-by-day with more and more new creative ideas. I hope to see more and more businesses get innovative with their social media activities.