Ignitee Wins the Digital Mandate of Anchor Panasonic

Anchor Electricals (a Panasonic Company) has appointed Ignitee Digital, one of India’s biggest digital marketing agencies to leverage the burgeoning popularity of digital media platforms and cater to the young tech savvy audience.

With Anchor Electricals taking its first steps in the digital and social media space, Ignitee will enable it to develop a comprehensive online presence, positioning Anchor and Panasonic as a young, contemporary brand for electrical accessories.

With changing demographics and landscape of the internet in India, Anchor and Panasonic intends to engage with the ever expanding internet user base in India. With a portfolio of over 3000 products, Anchor Electricals has established itself as a trusted household brand and it plans to replicate this success in the digital world through knowledge dissemination, customer servicing and community build up.

On bagging the critical mandate, Atul Hegde, CEO, Ignitee Digital Services commented

We are delighted to have a brand like Anchor and Panasonic in our portfolio. Not many brands in this category have leveraged the digital medium in a big manner, and we are confident that we would be setting many ‘firsts’ in this space for this category. We have planned a series of digital activities through the year and will lead in with a unique social media community.

Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director at Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. on getting Ignitee Digital Services on board, said

With over five decades of experience, Anchor has successfully established itself as a trusted household brand in the electrical accessories and appliances industry. As digital and social media have been growing at rapid pace, we felt the need to engage with our customers and our Community of Architects, Consultants and Interior designers online. To lead this transition, Ignitee has been the best choice as it has successfully demonstrated a strong online presence for a host of brands across industries. We hope to support our market leadership with Ignitee’s expertise in the digital world!