Nokia India Partners with Rocketalk to Launch Trendify

Nokia Lumia 510 is wooing young India, riding on Trends and Trendiness, concepts that shape the taste of millions. As a part of Nokia’s 360 degrees ‘Trendify’ campaign, Maxus India has partnered with RockeTalk, India’s largest social networking mobile space, to launch Trendify as an in-app mobile media property and activity for an audience of nearly 1 Crore.

As content consumption among the young is driven by ‘trend windows’ and ‘digital discovery doors’, Nokia Lumia 510’s Trendify campaign will enable this process of discovery and trendifying of mobile content through the RockeTalk Trendify platform.


Trendify on RockeTalk will offer its massive audience, millions of videos, photos, voice and music content that are trending in India: to consume, share and further trendify. Users will be able to discover trends daily, as they are made and participate in shaping them.

Unlike Twitter, where trend discovery is limited to a tweet or hash-tag, Trendify will enable users to actually create and consume multimedia around the trends, real-time. This activity is supported by daily competitions where users get to play trend-tellers and predict what will top the charts the next day. Winners stand to enjoy gratification and glory.

To deep integrate the concept, the ‘share’ function of RockeTalk will be rechristened as “share and trendify”. The strength of this key innovation lies in its apparent simplicity; the change to “Share & Trendify” does not alter the normal user behavior of RockeTalk users, but enhances their social experience by allowing users to ‘trendify’ content units and ‘tags’ when they share and vice-versa.

The scale of the participation this button change will create is big, with more than 5 million people expected to actively participate in trendifying videos, photos and voice content, and at least half that number actively competing for the top Trendifier prizes. Nearly a Crore Indians will be reached and will consume the Trendified streams.

These are people that go beyond just the Metro-centric audiences, as RockeTalk has a powerful reach deep into the hinterland of India, cutting across geographies.

Explaining the strategic change from ‘share’ to ‘share and trendify, Viral Oza, Director Marketing Nokia India, said ,

Through the Trendify campaign we wanted to connect to the urban youth on a platform and space that is relevant to them. The youth today is socially connected 24×7 and have their own take on life. They experiment to express their originality, creativity and individuality. Topics that trend affect their lives in a big way and is their tool to express themselves on the bigger stage. This was the genesis of the Trendify campaign.

While the in-app activity has a dedicated space on RockeTalk, the trendify journey has been designed to begin at the very heart of social interactions in the one activity considered highest in value – the act of ‘social and p2p sharing’. Therefore for the period of this celebration of ‘trend surfing’, the powerful ‘share’ button of RockeTalk has been changed to ‘share and trendify’, thereby allowing users to ‘trendify’ content units and ‘tags’ when they share and vice-versa.

Unny Radhakrishnan, Digital Head (South Asia), Maxus India, said on the impact of the concept,

For the user, this is not a one-off competition or contest but a habit forming activity, a new way of consuming content. Besides the unprecedented scale of social reach it will provide, the campaign on RockeTalk is expected to be able to create high value daily engagement by users around Trendify and Nokia 510. These ‘engaged users’ are expected to yield over 4 million minutes of cumulative brand time, which is staggering.

Nokia Lumia 510, positioned as the trendify phone, will have in the RockeTalk Trendify a digital surrogate space, a lateral marketing space on mobile without in-your-face advertising.

Promising more game-changing innovations in the future, Sameer Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, RockeTalk, explained the premise of RockeTalk’s effort,

The trendify innovation on RockeTalk is again a ‘first’ in the social content and advertising space, both for the deep level of integration and the simplicity with which the brand activity is placed at the very centre of social conversation.

Also, with ‘Trendify’, RockeTalk has actually managed to create a new genre of content space altogether for Nokia, which is one long step evolved from the twitter hash-tag and Google search trends.

Vinod Thadani, COO, Madhouse India, says

This ‘new content space’ turns the usual content trend graph into interactive content creation, content consumption and content viral engines, not just a countdown list to look at. With Trendify, it’s not just about liking a video or voice or picture, but about liking them enough to share, and consuming content liked enough to be shared by millions.

Trendify represents the young, their hungers and pleasures that are inconsistent, unpredictable and always changing; it is for them and driven by them. It is the very audience that the Nokia 510 addresses. RockeTalk’s trendify programme for Nokia builds, and affirms and reinstates this trend surfing youth. Another triumph in social brand building and engagement.

Image courtesy IBNLive.