Social Media Campaign Review: Green Peace India Forest Hero

forset hero


The Forest Hero campaign is in connection with the Green Peace India offline campaign that aims to gather popular support in order to seek attention of the influential persons and decision makers.

The main objective of the Green Peace India Forest Hero campaign is to help create awareness about forest destruction from coal mining in India and to gather popular support using Social Media. It also aims to create virality and engagement among its Social Media Audience.


Greenpeace India has released an innovative Facebook application with a personalized video to engage its social media audience. The campaign runs on both, micro-site as well as its Facebook application.

It seeks to encourage users to become protectors of our forests themselves. It makes the user a ‘Forest Hero’ by embedding his picture in several parts of a short film as a savior of trees and forests.

Junglistan Forest Hero

Once the individual gives the application access to his profile picture or uploads one, the picture is re-sized, color corrected and embedded in the video. This image is then integrated within the video that  tells the story of one individual who saves a tree from being chopped down in a village. It appears in different parts of the film presenting the user as a forest hero!

Forest Hero Green peace

The video can then be shared on various platforms.

Green peace Junglistan

The message behind the video is that anybody can become a defender of the forests, you can be the next hero too.


The application Greenpeace is seeking to take their supporters to the next level by giving them a taste of what it feels like to save forests and share their heroic act with their friends.

Generating a customized video makes the users feel a part of the campaign.  Quotes like – ‘Be the change that you want to see. Its in your hands’ motivates viewers to contribute to the cause by at least sharing it with friends on Social Networks.

The application is designed very well. The video embeds a static image in the motion frames and it is perfectly re-sized, corrected, adapted and aligned! There is smooth connectivity between the micro-site and the Facebook application.

The campaign has a great potential of Virality. After all the cause is “Social” in nature!

Scope of Improvement:

Once you submit your picture, it takes a lot of time to generate the video. In addition, the campaign could have been promoted a little more on the Green Peace India Twitter and Facebook  page.


Emphasizing on personalized visual content on social media specially when it is a social cause gives it a great scope of engagement and virality. In my opinion the Green Peace India Forest Hero campaign is a very well designed, successful campaign.