Social Media Campaign Review: Bindass Jukebox

“JUKEBOX” is a program telecast on the television channel Bindass. The Program will show back to back Hindi/Bollywood songs on the Channel. Songs are listed and played on the Program as per the viewers’ choice on the basis of votes and dedications received from the Users who have opted to do so on the Channel’s Facebook page via the Facebook Jukebox Application.


To engage with its Television viewers through Facebook and also get the Facebook fans to be its television viewers.


The Bindass Jukebox application lets you cast your vote and post comments for your favourite song from the list made available by Bindass. Songs are listed and played on the Program as per the viewers’ choice on the basis of votes and dedications received from the Users. You can also dedicate it to your friends.

Bindass Jukebox

The app enables you to see the votes and dedications by others.

Based on the number of votes received by the Users for the Songs available on the Playlist, Jukebox shall accordingly broadcast the Songs on its Channel along with the Users’ profile name, picture and the Comment.


Using SMS to get votes or dedications is a generation old idea. Bindass therefore came up with an engaging idea to integrate Online media with Television media.

The campaign is creatively demanding viewer participation. It is moving away from the boring, one-way flow of  information through television by triggering its interactive potential through social conversation.

It integrates both the platforms, Television as well as Social Media which is in turn helpful for monitoring its set of audience and gaining invaluable insights about their preferences.

Allowing the users to dedicate songs and invite their friends to check out the app is an attempt to increase its reach.

Scope of Improvement:

The app displays the name of the Song, Movie and its Music. Online music streaming would have been a better option for someone who has not heard the latest song.

Bindass Jukebox has received a good number of votes, but considering that Bindass has more than 1.7 million Facebook likes, a little more promotion on its page would have gained a better response

Conclusion :

The Jukebox application is a good effort by Bindass to get people aware of their content across multiple platforms. The social factor in TV helps to keep viewers engaged to the show.