Social Media Campaign Review: Ek Stop’s Survive 21Dec

Ek Stop

The Survive 21Dec is an innovative campaign by EkStop, an online grocery store based out of Mumbai  which offers all grocery and daily essentials delivered to your home.

The Survive21Dec campaign is based on the popular belief/myth that, the world will end on 21st December 2012.


To use game dynamics for customer engagement and subtle promotion by integrating brand connect within the gameplay.


The campaign is centred around the popular story of the world ending and the Noah’s Ark.

Hosted on the microsite Survive21Dec, the mission of the game is to save oneself, friends and as many other living creatures as we draw closer to the end of the earth (believed to be 21st December, 2012).

The game is currently live with over 300 people already maintaining their ‘Arks’.

Each player starts with Rs. 1500 of virtual money in his wallet and has to select from 5 pre-designed arks, including Viking, Chinese, Maharaja, Egyptian themes.

Everyday there will be new challenges that one has to complete by stocking up his ark with daily supplies.

This virtual cash is used to collect EKs. EKs are the path that will determine the top players and the winners. One can invite as many friends to join him on the ark. You will be rewarded 250 virtual rupees for each friend who accepts the invitation to play the game.

Groceries like Milk, Bourn vita, Potato, Lays, Society Tea, etc. have to be collected and stocked in the ark so that friends don’t stay hungry.

ek stop grocery

In addition, you also have to rescue animals from their natural habitat. You are provided with a map of the world that illustrates many species of animals in different continents and oceans.

Saving these animals will not only fetch you virtual money, but also EKs.

ek stop world of the wild

Survivor with the highest EKs gets EkStop Ultimate Survival Kit and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The remaining top 10 scorers get super survival kits from EkStop.


The concept of the campaign is very unique and the brand is smartly connected within the game play.

The task of adding groceries is a subtle way to promote EkStop and its offerings.In fact, the concept of collecting EKs in the gameplay is an ingenious way to promote their loyalty program. The EKs earned by the players will act as their loyalty points and will get them special deals and discounts on

The campaign is designed and executed very nicely by Jack in The Box Worldwide. It has a very good user interface. Gamification of the campaign helps to engage, motivate and reward customers.

Marketed via Facebook Ads, it is also supported by a nice Youtube promo video.

The game also offers incentives to invite friends, which gives it a scope to go viral. Stretched over a period of time and coupled with tactics like rescuing animals at a particular time slot makes users keep coming again and again, thus making it highly engaging.

Scope of Improvement:

Since it is rich in graphics, it might be a little slow in case you are using an older PC/laptop.


In my opinion it is a very well designed campaign with a novel concept. Its game tactics are a great way to keep customers engaged and promote EkStop’s offerings.