Social Media Campaign Review: Join Guns N' Roses

Nirali Hingwala
New Update
Join Guns N' Roses contest


To promote the upcoming Guns N' Roses concert and engage with the loyalists.


Lipton Ice Tea India (one of the main sponsors of the event) in association with the Gun N' Roses concert have created a campaign supported by a micro site - Join GNR.

Join Guns N' Roses contest

In order to further access the micro-site, users have to log in through their Facebook accounts. Players then come across a game where a fragmented version of the music video ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ is broken into square pieces, and scattered across the screen.

The game starts when the song starts playing and players have to drag and drop the pieces to rejoin the video in a correct manner before the song ends. Every user gets 5 minutes and 11 seconds (the entire duration of the song( to complete the puzzle

Join GNR contest

Scores are recorded on the leader board and the fastest one to join the GNR video together, stands to win two passes to the ‘GNR’ live concert.

Each user gets 3 chances to get the highest score.


The contest is remarkably engaging and goes beyond mere event promotion. Thus driving the loyalty of its fans. The execution of the micro site is such that it is consistent with their brand image thus there is relevance of communication.

The campaign was very well promoted on Facebook as well as Twitter. The hashtag #JoinGNR generated lots of tweets even by influencers and celebrity like Gul Panag which resulted in bountiful impressions and a wide reach.

Scope of improvement:

The puzzle is a little tough for those who like Guns N' Roses and but not really die hard fans. So if you're like me and have mostly listened to the songs than seen them, it will be a little challenging and 3 options might not be enough.

But if you're a true GNR fan, it could be an easy cakewalk.


An interesting campaign that is being well received by the fans and 'likers'.

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