Social Media Campaign Review: LG World Record Executes Flash Mob for Marriage Proposal

Nirali Hingwala
New Update


The purpose of the LG World Record campaign is to popularize the World Record characteristics of LG’s Hero models by creating buzz around them.


The LG World Record category is a brand new sub-forum to discuss all the various LG World Record products which includes DD refrigerators and TVs with the Cinema Screen Design. These products have various World Records; for example, the LM8600 has the LG World Record for the TV with the narrowest bezel.

An official forum named LG World Record has used to create a community around LG and its world record range of products using threads for online discussions

The LG World Record (WR) Man plays the role of the brand ambassador to engage audiences on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

During the course of the campaign, one of the users, Karan, was apparently going through the LG India Facebook page and LG World Record Forum. He shared that he was planning to start a new family with his future wife.

The LG WR team got together to discuss the best way to beat the drum to this special milestone. Karan and the LG WR team came up with the idea of using a flash mob to give an unforgettable marriage proposal.

The LG WR team guided Karan with a step -by- step plan to execute a flash mob! A whole crew of dancers choreographed the flash mob! Here is the making video of the LG World Records Marriage Proposal Flash Mob!


The Surprise flash mob proposal had over 100 dancers and 300 spectators at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. At the end of which he proposed and the girl accepted.


The online community created a platform for members to connect with other like-minded consumers. Customer participation in discussions increased word-of-mouth communication and fostered brand loyalty.

The Flash Mob was executed very well! It was a great way to generate buzz and express LG India’s creativity. It even gathered a lot of media attention and coverage.

The concept of helping a couple in love appealed to a wide audience both on line as well as offline. The buzz generated by the video has been received very well with almost 290k views on YouTube.

Scope of Improvement:

Discussion forums are an older form of cummincation. A dedicated microsite or a customized social network might have been great.


The LG World Records campaign improved the overall brand image of LG. Especially the Marriage Proposal Flash Mob by LG grabbed a huge attention and traffic to the LG WR products. The campaign had a far-reaching effect on the digital space!

LG Inida LG World Records Marriage Proposal Flash Mob in India